Monday, 29 July 2013

Dear Owls, Silicone Baby?

Dear Owls, 

As soon as i came across this on YouTube, i had to share it with you; Silicone Baby. 
Apparently, after further research of the topic, many people have these babies and treat them like one of their own. I'm talking about feeding them milk, powdering their bum and changing them in the mall!
At first, the idea of having a silicone baby that never moved, never aged, and did not even cry yet women treat them with such care frightened me. It is so creepy to watch some of these women talk to their baby and play with them as if they were alive and breathing. Yet, the concept settled in my brain after a few more YouTube videos. I saw how much these women cared for these things and i will come to see it as a hobby or chance to be a mother (because they cannot)
If however the idea of having a silicone baby was out of pure preference, rather than having a real one, then i am confused. The care these women are giving to these babies is so profound, that it is startling to think they would dislike having a real baby. 
Whatever the matter, it's nice to come across a new hobby, this is the first time i have seen someone older than 8 years old playing with these babies with such care. 

If you're wondering about the cost of having one of these babies (without the other products; nappies, powder, bottle, clothes, oils, creams etc...) it would be:
Solid silicon (100% silicon- very realistic) $2,000-$5,000
But this differs from each maker, place, baby, and the number of people bidding on that baby.

Anyway owls, i'll keep you updated on any other awesome things that i stumble across. 
Yours with baby thoughts, 

Friday, 19 July 2013

Dear Owls, i'm scared.

Dear Owls, 

The one thing i've been trying to keep my mind off this summer has finally come back to haunt me. 
IGCSE results. 
I'm just traumatized that i won't get what i was hoping for and fail everyone, including myself. Keeping in mind that everyone and every class who took the IG exams before us felt it was so easy, this keeps me at unease (more than i was) 
When you're down to your last breath, how do you gasp for more air? Honestly, when i think about it, i've got the easy road. Reading an article about children who cry to go to school as they're being penalized by their principle; apparently they can't pay the tuition and thus, can't attend their school with only a week to their junior graduation. It just brought tears to my eyes, those children and their situation. 

I'm just scared. 

I'm aware that i'm not the only one. Many IGCSE students are probably pressured and anxious. 
Good luck everyone, 
You're not alone.   

Friday, 12 July 2013

Dear Owl, clean up.

Dear Owl,

Listening to OneRepublic's new album, check it the hell out, it's by far the best album on earth. 

So summer's been pretty boring. I haven't been doing much... i'm pretty bummed because i wanted to travel and the parents won't allow it. God help me. 
The other day i went to IKEA and there's a certain type of format one should maintain at that place. (that place is my utopia so please have respect for everything i say afterwards) 
The format is as follows: 
  1. You grab a trolley, even if you're not planning to buy anything, because let's face it, you will end up buying something. 
  2. Make sure you enter every aisle and fantasize about the bedroom you could have. One you're done with bedrooms, you continue the fantasy with other rooms; kitchen, living room etc... 
  3. You must sleep on at least 3 beds. Opportunity crises if you don't. 
  4. Open all the cupboards. IKEA staff put very creative things in there. Well... mostly books and pillows, but curiosity kills so..?
  5. Kid's section. Must i explain myself?
  6. Go to the timers and set them all. Wait 5 minutes and watch the people around them freak!
  7. Finally, seven is heaven. Go to the IKEA restaurant and have the most tranquil dining experience. You must of course get a desert meal and this MUST be the last thing you do. Once you're done, smile and wave boys, smile and wave. 
  8. Don't forget to checkout the things you bought. You must grab any yummy snacks at the cash register. 

And that's exactly what i did the other day. 

If you've gone to IKEA before and done something different, you're wrong. Go back and repeat everything. However, if you don't live near an IKEA, i'm very very sorry. I'd suggest you go to another furniture shop and live the experience there. (you'll miss out on the food though, but it's still worth a shot)

Anyway Owl, i'll tell you more about this summer if anything comes up. For now though, that's all i got. 

With all my love, 


Monday, 1 July 2013

Dear Owls, this book!

Dear Owls, 

I've currently been handed a book on my birthday and needless to say, i've been completely hooked! I haven't put it down, it's even a hassle when i have to go to sleep but i urge myself another 5 minutes which end up keeping me till 3 or 4 am. This hook is reckless given that i have to work (for my father)the very next day at 8am! Today, for example, i woke at 9 dissolved into my bed, begging the universe another minute for rest my eyes. 
There's a metro that takes me to my dad's office, but there's a good 30 minute walk in between that distance and today i scurried from it. I begged my mother to take me with her and off we went. 
It was today that my sleep got the best of me and one of the employers caught me stealing a nap off my duty. She didn't report me or anything but we both know she was thinking it. 
I don't really like work very much. It's boring and not what i wanted in the first place. I wanted a place where i could interact with people, but lately it's just been the computer, the cubicle and moi all in one little office in the middle of Dubai. 
For all of you out there who actually give a shit about the book i'm totally in love with, it's 'The Fault in Our Stars' most of you just smiled, the others frowned thinking, not her  too. The thing is, this book got so much hype on Tumblr, i pleaded my heart i wouldn't have a liking towards it.
My theory on, 'everything that starts with a hype, end horribly wrong' is in fact false (just this time though) 
Once i'm done with the book, i'll most certainly post a review about it on:

I hope this blog helps someone out one day. It sure did help me, in more ways i thought was possible. 

Until next time, 
owl's friend.

I'm just wondering here...

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Dear Owl, Im at work.

Dear Owls, 

So i'm at the office with dad and i have my ow cubicle! Sounds cool? Good. That's as cool as it gets. I've literally got nothing to do and i'm bored as ever, but i'm catching up on my reading, so that's a good thing! So, 100 movies and 10 books. 
We thought you were reading 30 books (whoever 'we' is) 
But no, sadly i've come to a conclusion that being lazy is way better than being stressed. 10 books is great too. It gives me enough time to deal with everything else. Like what? Oh you know... 
Teenage problems. 

I must go to laser tag soon, what else can i do in Dubai? Hmm... maybe i'll take Waz to a movie, or Magic Planet. Thing is, we always end up fighting. Guess i'll just stick to playing Call Of Duty with him, it's Black Ops 2, if anyway cares.
It's really funny how this summer is even more boring than i thought it would be; i wouldn't go back to school though. Gosh, hell just follows you around everywhere doesn't it?
Well, let's see how all this turns out then, shall we?

Yours with a boredom strike,

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Dear Owls, first review!

Dear Owls, 

Just wrote my first review about a movie called 500 days of summer  and i never knew writing a movie review actually took time and research. 
Hope you can read it, i've linked my movie and book review blogs to the left margin of the page under the name Summer Reviews, ironic right?
Here's a link, just in case :) 

Monday, 17 June 2013

Dear Owls, 2 days to graduate.

Dear Owls,

So, I've got 2 days to graduate and and my birthday plans are all going haywire. I have no idea what I'm going to do, but i guess this is the exact definition of winging it. Right now, I'm at a mall watching Waz grudge on mother for bringing him here. It's funny watching your family members turn on each other; well i feel so.

If i have to mention, i'm the one on the left.

Now, back to another issue, job hunting hasn't been so bad. Next month, i start a membership in The Old Library, down in Mall Of The Emirates; gorgeous place with an awesome membership for 250/- a full year. I totally recommend it for any bookworms out there. All credit goes to Dumbo, my Dells, for telling me all about it and got me to fall in love with it in the first place!
Also, hopefully if i get the chance, i'l to go to laser tag with Waz. He's been obsessed with the idea of shooting people all month and this summer, i shall help him with it; definitely going to post a photo about laser tag once we get there.

Summer Plans:

  • Books.
Want a good laugh? I also plan on reading 30 books, this includes my other plans of working with daddy dearest a long 8 hour shift; not to mention, oh but i will, my plans with Waz and Kiwi. Gosh, i don't even know how this is going to stitch itself together but i hope it does. Some people might think summer is just a resting time and piling a bunch of things to do is just stupid, but it's not. Everything i wanted to do this whole year, i can have time for again; eliminating all possible distractions. So now that we're on the same page, if you have any intriguing books you think i might fancy, comment below or send me a message on, tumblr, twitter... wow.

  • Movies
Now, i think we all know this will come naturally, but i do have a target to set on movies. I'd like to, and hopefully will try to, watch 100 movies, and... listen to this. I'm going to write a review on each one, doubtful, but i'll try my best. I'll link my blogs for my book and movie reviews to this blog. Hope this all goes well!

  • Places
Since i'm not traveling, this will probably be the hardest target of all. I, with God's help, will have to visit 10 new places; this includes malls, parks, amusement parks, zoos etc...

Really, this should be fun.
 Oh and for the record, yesterday i tried on around 14 dresses. If i went on, i would've made a sequel to "27 dresses" except that was a romantic comedy and mine would be a horror genre directed by the director of Chucky. (dead serious. no pun intended.)

Wish me luck.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Dear Owls, Finally.

Dear Owls, 

After a whole summer of looking for a job, i finally found one. It's an awesome place where i had to take care of kids with a great pay. 
Of course, i couldn't get it because of people disapproving of the idea. I was very disappointed for a good 3 days, but that's not the point. The point is that i got a job and technically, they accepted me. I did fight for it, i was patient and i finally got it. It couldn't be better if i framed it in a picture. 

I'm not upset i didn't get it anymore, i've moved on from the idea. I have a friend that needs it more than i do anyway, and the point was never for the money. The point was always to prove a point. After 16 CVs sent, 24 emails (in the counting), 1 job interview (that failed) and 2 offers at volunteer places, i got a job that pays you to take care of kids!

My point is, never give up. Fight for what you want. Now, i bet you're wondering, "if the job is so great, why don't you just take it?" 
Well, i can't take it because it will upset my parents (especially my father) very much. He has his reasons and up until yesterday, i did not agree with him.
It's fine though, this isn't a Disney sitcom, this was me looking for a job everyone said i couldn't have and BOOM. 
Now, this job moves on to someone that needs it more than i do, and that feels good. Everybody wins. 

"So what are you doing this summer then?" 
Glad you asked, i'm not wasting it. I'm going to work with my father in his office. I know it sounds boring but i'm hoping it would give me some time to bond with him.
Lets see how all this is going to turn out... 

Yours always, 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Dear Owls, just keep swimming.

Dear Owls, 

When i first started this blog, i wanted to let it encourage me to do new things. I wanted it to make me feel like i'm a part of something bigger. In fact, it hasn't changed me at all. I feel just as defeated as i did yesterday or the day before. I know, if i get the chance, i can do something much greater than i, and others, allow me to do.

It doesn't make any sense how everybody is OKAY with the idea that they cannot make a difference. If you've got no restrictions, then do something! If you feel like you're nothing and you're reading this blog, i want you to know that, if you put your mind to it, nothing is impossible. 
I wanted, through this blog, to prove that to you. I'm currently unsuccessful, i've gotten at no progress from when i was looking for a job, or since i wanted to have an astral projection (flight in dream)
I thought those things would happen, but they didn't; not yet at least. 

When i started this blog, i made a promise to myself to never give up to "just keep swimming"
That's what i'm going to do. 
I hope it works. 
*sigh* i really hope it works. 

Yours truly with no idea what to do, 

Ps: Today was my last IGCSE and i'm glad, i was getting sick of them!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Dear Owls, i'm losing.

Dear Owls, 

I don't know if you've heard, but i'm loosing. I'm loosing hope in whatever i have left to believe in. 
As i said, job hunting isn't going so great, and every time i find something, it gets messed up. This very time, it didn't smash down because of my age, it was because of people around me not agreeing to the idea. I still do not know how to overcome this one, and i think i can't this time. This time, i'm loosing. 

I want to do so much, i want to contribute much more than what i'm giving now, but how can i if i'm restricted? I can't. 
I'm loosing my brain from how much thinking i have been doing about nothing. Yes, i'm thinking about nothing (as usual) 
Dubai in summer is going to be hot
And no, not supermeganfoxyawesome hot. i mean like heat, sweat, humid, smelly, sticky, ridiculous heat that'll eventually drive me crazy. Also, it'll probably give me enough nose bleeds to donate to the people in Africa.

Well, i'm off to study accounting. It's my last IGCSE and i hope it goes better than all that has been on. Hope i don't lose my marks too, or my grade. 
Enough is enough. 
(that was deep)

Yours with no finish line -get it, because i lost?

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Dear Owls, someday.

Dear Owls, 

One day i'll be big, i'll be famous for all the right reasons. I'll travel the world and i'll have a gorgeous car- Porsche Cayenne of course- and i'll start a huge (and i mean Monster Inc. huge) company, that'll aim on the satisfaction of humans and not their leaders. One day, i'll become the face of people who were too neglected to have one. I'll make sure that everybody on this planet (the galaxy comes later) has a chance to shine; not TV shine, opportunity shine. 
Someday, one day, a day, the day i do this, you'll know. You'll know because you're the first one i'll run to. But, for now, i'm stuck here in this room where i sleep in, only to wake to the sound of my capture once more. 

After completing my IGCSEs, i realized i still have 2 more left to fret about. Which i shall fret about because i'm such a worry wort like that. 
Half the year is over and i'm still struggling between the differences between emails and texts. I do not understand when to use either, i'm socially awkward anyway. No one cares if i were to use any. 

Job hunt?
I'm still hunting, and i'm no road runner. Every time i feel i have a marble's chance of getting a job, i get declined the minute they see my age. 
Not. Fair. 
No offence intended, but i'm pretty sure i could do a better job at getting the job done if i were a few years younger. I'm not saying i want to manage a whole department, i just want the experience of a job. Ah, but no such luck. 
Not giving up though. If there's one thing this blog is giving  me, it's the perseverance of staying loyal to myself. 

Not quitting, not backing down. 

I actually watched a movie called "won't back down" the other day, it's a breathtaking movie, one like every other about schools that don't give the students the upper hand in school teaching and luxuries. The story line went smoothly, i especially loved the choice of actors and actresses; watch it and thank me, if anyone is actually reading my random thoughts of insanity. 

Well, before boredom strikes, i must continue to remind myself that one day, i'll get the satisfaction of having a longer CV; someday. 

Yours with a study frenzy, 
who else?

Monday, 3 June 2013

Dear Owls, give this advice to girls.

Dear Owls, 

Girls around me, or not, do not understand what it means to have faith; faith in themselves especially. They do not understand the significance of having a long talk with themselves about simple things. They do not understand what it means to have an actual conversation with their future and wonder if they'll ever get a response. 

I'm not trying to put them down. I am, after all, one of those girls. I'm still trying to understand, i'm still trying to grasp the idea of not having another chance at times. I can not tell you if tomorrow is going to be easier or if your life will have anymore importance than it does now. I can't predict anything. But i can give you this:
  • If someone lets you down, don't let them push you further. 
  • If your friend, or family member, is not your comfort anymore, stop leaning on them. 
  • When the time comes, you'll stop crying and you'll start reacting. Don't react badly with someone you love, you might lose them. 
  • If life gives you lemons, take it. Free stuff is cool. 
  • One day you'll feel so mad, you can't breathe. You'll start to wonder if anything is ever worth it. When that time comes, write a letter to someone you love, or even to yourself. Letters, in my personal experience, are the best way to get past lost words. 

Please tell every girl in the world that this gets better. Tell them that i may not know exactly what they're going through and if they're still reading, tell them that they're so so strong. Tell them they're gorgeous and brave, even if they don't feel that right now. I do. 

Ps: Owl if you're a girl. Then this letter may be for you too after all. If it's not, wait your turn, i'm writing a lengthy letter for your species (gender, if you must) too. 

Yours with open arms for a hug, 
Don't leave me hanging, 
C'mon hug me!
Be yourself, no matter how silly you may seem.
-A girl 

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Dear Owls, it's destiny.

Dear Owls, 

Beautiful people, amazing inspirations, jaw-dropping places and then there's me. I'm just there. I'm so much smaller than i put myself for. Nothing i do at this exact moment makes a difference. I'm just one more thing in this fixed, fastened world that continues to revolve even when i beg of it to stop.

So if i'm so insignificant, so petty, why am i here in the first place? Why didn't God just put the important people placed exactly where they should be? Why should we bump into things at unexpected times? Why can't life just be handed to us? Why can't i just meet someone, or something, and hear exactly what i should do with my life? Whether i like it or not, it's going to happen. I have no control of my destiny, it's going to happen, what should i do i about it?

Thinking about it, if everything was handed to me, i'd probably live in boredom of the monotonous events. I do however feel that, if i am living as a role, might as well make it a good one.

Ralph Waldo once said, "The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be."

And this scares me because, i have no idea what i'm going to "decide" to be. I can't even decide if i want a cheeseburger with ketchup or without... Wow, cheeseburgers. I need one of those; with or without ketchup.

I'll keep you updated on my long list of questions about life and what not. Until then, wish me luck on my wave of upcoming exams.

Yours with a doubtful smile,

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Dear Owls, wish me luck!

Dear Owls,

It's when life doesn't lay out a stop sign, you start to wonder if you've come across things you should have waited on; or for, depending on what that thing is. I delved into my bag the other day and found an old ticket to Life as we know it and smiled. I still remember going to that movie with my mother. I remember loving the fact that she was taking me with her, as i was still young. I remember smelling the buttery popcorn as it fell into a cup and was handed to us.

I'm glad i still remember. 

What i don't recall is how fast the time past since that memory. Since that time, Waz is in the 4th grade and Kiwi is born. Since that time, i did more IGCSE's than i can believe and i am about to graduate pretty soon. How mind blowing is that?

Going to keep it short today. Mind blown. Tough day, Waiting for many things, hope it all works out well. 

Ps: Next time you think of me, wish me luck, job hunting is worse than i thought it would be. 

Yours with a disappointed face, 

Monday, 27 May 2013

Dear Owls, hire me.

Dear Owls, 

Days in dreamland haven't been going as well as i dreamed (no pun intended)
For the last couple days, i've been desperately trying to get my first "OBE" or out of body experience. To my luck, i have got nothing but nightmares and lost hope that i will never achieve it

Right now, I'm at my mother's university writing a blog while she get's her work done. I'm still trying to get a summer job and i continue to believe that if i just give it another push, another try, another... CV? 
You see, it is because i am too awesome, they are too afraid to hire me. Also, the fact that i am only 16 and labour laws in Dubai do not allow it, may affect their approach to my CV. I do not understand how all 50 something states in the US and every corner store in the UK allow it, but Dubai does not; something special huh?

The thing about timing, is that it's always accurate and on time. When you think that what you've got is going to be there forever, you realize that timing is going to come over and crash your party faster than you could say... 
What pisses me off most about it, is that it's never going to be on your side, never. I wish i could live to see the day i am on the same side, working together with timing. Nobody has time to do anything, yet everybody has the correct time. 

"Oh yes Pete boy, it's 5am, time to go to the factory and earn some money for the wife and kids. Don't want to be late now,"

"But i've got things to do and people to see." 

"People? Pete, the only people you're going to be seeing are sweaty factory workers bleeding their veins for their family. They want money and they use their time effectively for it."

"Effectively?" Pete did not like what he heard. "How is wasting your time on coal and wood, let alone the rude people, effective?"

"Boy, you chose this path for yourself. The time given to you was for the factory, not you."

"When did i choose this?" 

"The day you stopped looking at your watch and at your family. Now head along."

So how much time do i really have, Owl? 

I have so many things i want to do, but not enough time to do it. Or do i have too much time, i'm not prioritising? I cannot comprehend watches any more. They do not make sense.

Nothing makes sense. 
Ugh, i'm hungry. 

Yours with a sweet tooth, 

Friday, 24 May 2013

Dear Owls, wake me up!

Dear Owls, 

After an awesome day with Chloe yesterday at Mirdif City Center, i was swamped. The first and only thing i came back home to do was SLEEP. After calling Chloe, i later found out that she had spent her evening the same way. Unlike her, i woke up rather early to the downloading of many many games. (and more to come if God gave me the energy and time)

After all that sleep, i came across an old obsession of mine and which will in a few minutes clarify to remain an obsession. 

Many obsessions ago, i fell in love with the concept of Lucid dreaming and began to slowly enter into that state. But, later i found out, i only enter that state of dreaming when i really need to.
By that i mean, if i were transported to a magical kingdom (i'm weird like that) and i could fly, having all my wishes come true, i would be fine and continue the dream as was meant to be. 
However, if that dream would have gone completely bogus and i turn senile, then i take control of a small part of the dream and turn things around. (eg: give myself an army, or a Hulk) Or simply wake myself up. 
Either way, i snap back to the fact that it is a dream.

This all sounds cool in theory, but when i look back, i want to know how all these dreams end. (really)

At this very moment, i would like to have a proper lucid dream at any point of time in my dream. I want to fly without having a ninja turtle coming to kick my ass. So, i have been reading a couple things and watching a few videos, and i am attempting a out of body experience today. 

While some people believe this to also be lucid dreaming, it is not. An out of body experience is not in the absolute manner a "dream". Rather an entering of one, or so i understood. 
There is a possible chance i enter a sleep paralysis and be stuck in a dreaming state; which i don't mind. I know this all sounds odd, but it's scientifically true. All of it. Except for the ninja turtle part, that's just rubbish.

So, here's the real question. 
Can i challenge my brain emotionally to this? There is a good chance if this works, like really works (which is 1% as this is my first try) will i be okay with the mental shock i'll have from the sleep paralysis? 

Eh, i'm all for the mental challenges, as long as there's no movement or physical action needed. 
*laziness award goes to me*

Well Owl, wish me luck on either an adventurous night, or just a restful boring sleep. 
I'm looking forward to either. 

Ps: If you are actually getting these letters on time, wake me up at 9 am tomorrow. I don't want to be late. (for nothing)

Yours with open eyes,

I love you Chloe,
Dawashtini later darling!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Dear Owls, no cheese.

Dear Owls,

Apart from life, I'm fine. Honest. 
Right now, I'm about to battle a whole lot of dreaming. My head aches for sleep and i shall supply it with the fasted doze i have ever laid eyes on, or not on?

Those who do not sleep, eat. 
For today, i am free; for a limited time though. My next IGCSE exam is on 5th of June and i am anything but excited for that hell hole. Chloe and i, we're planning on going out this Thursday, let's hope all odds are on our side. And my father's.
Yes. He's that kind of parent, but i don't mind it; so you shouldn't either.

Now, would someone please explain to me the difference between 'Yes ma'am, i'd like 3 pizzas and a salad, cheese on the garlic.' and 'No, no cheese on the garlic.' 

Living in Dubai, that's our biggest issue. We haven't got anything else to entertain us with, therefor we complain until we've got too much in our mouths to speak. But oh wait, then we start moving our hands vigorously, with chunks of food being spat all over the place. 
A bunch of pigs we are. Yes, indeed.

Take care Owl, i haven't got much planned ahead, but i will keep you updated. Oh and... i still want that pie from Gloria Jeans. I wasn't joking. I need pie because for reasons. 

Yours with a throbbing head, 

Could it be any more random?

Monday, 20 May 2013

Dear Owls, I'm failing.

Dear Owls,

I'm up to here with the things I have to do. It's like the world has decided that I should not be able to live. (deep, I know.)

I pity myself not being able to express emotions like, "Hey there stranger, you're nice, want to be friends?."

Study petty things I will not look at when I'm older, look for a summer job I obviously will not get and Skype with the world's most amazing people and try to keep up (don't forget I need to remember to breathe. Oops) 

And now I'm doing nothing. 

Keeping aside my list of uncanny things, I'm totally fine. Just waiting for my IGCSE exams to finish, also, I desperately need a pie. We've got Gloria Jeans right next to us and I have no idea why i'm not there yet.
So, if you haven't taken a wild guess, i'm a student. This is my first serious blog and I have no idea where this is about to head off to.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, I appreciate your intense concentration in, what i thoroughly feel was, a waste of energy.  
Proceed at own risk.

Baby Yoshi Blinking