Monday, 20 May 2013

Dear Owls, I'm failing.

Dear Owls,

I'm up to here with the things I have to do. It's like the world has decided that I should not be able to live. (deep, I know.)

I pity myself not being able to express emotions like, "Hey there stranger, you're nice, want to be friends?."

Study petty things I will not look at when I'm older, look for a summer job I obviously will not get and Skype with the world's most amazing people and try to keep up (don't forget I need to remember to breathe. Oops) 

And now I'm doing nothing. 

Keeping aside my list of uncanny things, I'm totally fine. Just waiting for my IGCSE exams to finish, also, I desperately need a pie. We've got Gloria Jeans right next to us and I have no idea why i'm not there yet.
So, if you haven't taken a wild guess, i'm a student. This is my first serious blog and I have no idea where this is about to head off to.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, I appreciate your intense concentration in, what i thoroughly feel was, a waste of energy.  
Proceed at own risk.

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