Friday, 19 July 2013

Dear Owls, i'm scared.

Dear Owls, 

The one thing i've been trying to keep my mind off this summer has finally come back to haunt me. 
IGCSE results. 
I'm just traumatized that i won't get what i was hoping for and fail everyone, including myself. Keeping in mind that everyone and every class who took the IG exams before us felt it was so easy, this keeps me at unease (more than i was) 
When you're down to your last breath, how do you gasp for more air? Honestly, when i think about it, i've got the easy road. Reading an article about children who cry to go to school as they're being penalized by their principle; apparently they can't pay the tuition and thus, can't attend their school with only a week to their junior graduation. It just brought tears to my eyes, those children and their situation. 

I'm just scared. 

I'm aware that i'm not the only one. Many IGCSE students are probably pressured and anxious. 
Good luck everyone, 
You're not alone.   

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