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Dear readers, 

First off, I'd like to clarify that I am actually sane. I'm not into drugs or anything like that, even though I know it seems like I'm high 100% of the time. My name, the real one, is Hala. I was named by my grandfather, and up until I turned 14, I've always hated my name because translated to English, it means "Hello". Which didn't exactly make sense to me. But then I thought about the continuation of the thing I was named after (which is a song) and it's "Hello precious kindness"- and that made me fall in love with myself all over again. 

Moving on. 
I'm originally from Jordan, but I've lived in Dubai for as long as I've known. I took a detour to London for two years of my life and, from what I remember, it rocked. I had a friend called Mamtha whom stayed in touch with me through mail until I lost her last letter and she stopped sending any more. I recently found her letter again and I hid it somewhere, and I've forgotten where. And so we're back to the start. She was Indian, and if you find her, tell her I still remember her. I miss her.
I went to a bunch of different schools, got bullied, then got cool friends, then got cool bestfriends, then lost friends, and basically life moves on. 
I've got adorable brothers and I'm the eldest- sister, I'm not a brother. 

My hobbies include reading, doodling, writing, listening to music, meditating, writing exactly what the TV characters are saying while watching any movie/show, lighting up candles and hoping I don't eventually burn my house down, pretending I'm in a movie and that I don't actually have real life responsibilities, dancing randomly, tumblr, more tumblr, blogging, lots of blogging, researching very mundane things like... you know, female aliens and dancing hippos. On a serious note, I get bored very frequently and learning new things just makes that flaw bearable.
Oh and organizing. Just. Organizing. I could spend hours on a given area in my room just sorting it out, be it books, clutter... anything.
I love writing letters (well, duh) and I adore the art of salsa. I watch a lot of dance videos too, and one day, I'd really like to dance with someone who actually knows the steps.
Also, and I kid you not, you would occasionally find me cracking a kilo of sunflower seeds just for fun- needless to say, I'm going to lose my teeth faster than you.

I want to become a professional public speaker. I want to help people go through things they never thought they could. I want to open up my own stationery shop; with the cutest pens and notebooks- and then just take everything out of owner's equity for my own usage.
You're welcome, future me.
I have a passion for inspiring people. In any way.
And I have a passion for things that make my heart beat a little faster; first milestones, fearful adventures, hearing something funny, hearing someone laugh about something I said, finding out something good is going to happen, something good actually happening, and being with people that make me realize how good the world is. So on...

Hidden weird talent.
I love, and I mean REALLY love, applying costume make-up. When we were younger, my brother used to sit his butt on our cow-skin patterned chair while I applying the most drastic looking make-up effects on his face. The horror would measure from broken nose, punched black eye and bleeding bulging lip... ah, good times.

Video Games. 
My ultimate favorite video game will always be Super Mario. I've been playing it on my Nintendo DS ever since I had two front teeth missing. I adore everything about the games and I've even got two miniature replicas of Mario and Luigi in my room.
Sims goes second- always. I thank my family for introducing me to it, and it's basically the one game that can get me locked for days (without sleeping or eating... ME! Eating!)
Black Ops 2 goes last on my top 3, just because those two have history. I spend hours a day playing it with my brother and it seriously relieves stress!

Favorite Colors.
I should have mentioned this earlier, but my favorite colors are blue and green (teal blue, mint green for those curious minds). Sometimes, I have this admiration for this peachy pink (but NOT pink) color. Although, I don't mind hot pink. Just not that washed off pink that looks like Pink Panther threw up in it.
Get my drift?
Yellow has always been my childhood favorite color and I guess somethings never change.

I like to listen to Elvis quite a lot, Abba, and occasionally jam to the Beetles. Apart from the oldies, I listen to a lot of retro meets Indie artists, anything that makes sense to listen to, a good lyrical meaning. In the language of genres, I enjoy Jazz, lounge music, soft rock and country. I also really like to listen to funny songs. I've got a YouTube playlist on the left margin if you're still curious!

Side note: my study playlist totally involves music in another language I don't understand, (eg: Spanish)

Movies and Shows 
Well, I like a lot of things, and I like to watch anything (appropriate). It mainly depends on my mood. Comedy, drama, anime, action, cartoon, documentary... I've never really had a "type".
However my favorite movie, due to memories and overall liking towards the whole things, will always be
Lilo and Stitch. 

Also, Andrew Garfield should be on shampoo bottles, cereal boxes and everywhere. Just everywhere. 

Everywhere, including my blog. 
How could you even get tired of this face? *dreamy* 

Well, that's pretty much the basics about me. Apart from the venting I do most of the time on this page, there's really nothing special. I do have a love for makeup, and I like Guava juice unlike most humans I know. Do you like Guava juice? Because it'd be cool if you do. It's funny because I hate guavas, just the juice is so... yum! 
I hate Eggplants. Celery. Ducks. Bears.  
Singing in the shower... and everywhere else. 
I'm also very short-attention spanned. And I go off on a lot of tangents when I tell a story, which makes it really hard to tell people about interesting things. But I still try, effortlessly.

In real life, I tend to make really depressing stories funny. It's just this weird comfort I get from people laughing at my problems because I can't.  

I like soup too. Soup is the bomb. 
So is sushi. Sushi is so cute and yummy. -and this just became about food. 

Thanks for reading all that if you did, 
Yours always, 


  1. Hello Hala, you seem absolutely awesome! :)

    1. Ahh, you're just too beautiful! Thank you so so much! :)xx


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