Monday, 26 October 2015

Motivation || How to Get Over the Deadly Writer's Block

Step one: Refreshing 

Sometimes, all you need to do it drink some tea or coffee and brainstorm what is the message you want to send to the world. Everybody has something they want to say, once you find out what it is you find important- write about it. Just put in some bullet points and make a story out of it. 

Get some perspective on your topic. Whether you want to write a novel, poem or short story about a certain topic (love, mystery, action, thriller etc...) always make sure you've done enough research. People will most likely listen to someone who has legitimate information about what they're saying.

Step two: Start somewhere!

Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all.
–Charles Bukowski

More times than others, you've got an idea, you've got a plot, character list, trigger and ending... but you have NO idea where to go about from there. Here are a few links that are SUPER helpful to start you story somewhere:

Here's a link to generate random first lines to your story with (check out the links on the left, they've got other generators too!)

Here's a link to FULL of other links of other generators with a genre or theme, amazing stuff and great content!

Here's another link for prompt makers, but on this site you can make 10 at a time if you wanted. 

Here's a link that tells you "How to make your novel helplessly addicting"

Step three: Try something new 

  • Go to a different place and write
  • Write at a different time: If you write at night, try waking up early and write when you've got peace and quiet. If you're really committed to writing, this task won't be too hard.
  • Coffee, tea and chocolate: I stress on this point the most.
  • Write about not being able to write: Most bestseller authors confess that sometimes this is the only thing that gets them through writers block. It's funny how allowing yourself to write badly or about our weaknesses can help.
  • Watch videos and short films on YouTube to feel inspired.
  • Slam poetry, TED talks and motivational speeches are other cures 

Step four: Read More Books 

To become a writer, we need to learn from other writers. 
In the process of getting too excited to write our book/story we sometimes forget that we need to do the research first. It's boring and tiring but every writer needs to have a background to what they're writing. I love blogging, but I sometimes dislike the "research" part of things, because it takes forever to find what you're looking for. Don't get me wrong though, researching is really fun when you're JUST reading and learning- when you research to put things in your own words, things get much more annoying. 

Unfortunately, it is a crucial part of writing because, like I said before, people will respond better when you can back your story with facts (if it's necessary) For example; if you're writing about a Russian Spy, at least research a bit about what you want to say and if it's actually realistically possible. You never know if some nerdy kid in Russia calls you off on your lie about how "Kenya is the capital" or something less obviously absurd. 

When all else fails... read articles about the problem

Everyone goes through these days, but what you shouldn't do is just stop writing because it's not your day or month. Sometimes your best worst comes after a drought. Keep working and trying to get things write, even if you have to let yourself mess up a few times. 
Remember, it doesn't need to be perfect!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Dear Owls, observer.

Dear Owls, 

It's been a bumpy road from insanity to a more stable insanity. 
This semester, I've been more busy than ever and I like it. Of course those around me will beg to differ because of my mini (understatement) freak-out sessions. However, I like that I'm doing a lot. It's beats doing nothing. I'm in a ton of clubs to which I'll elaborate on later. I'm in 

I want to read more. There are so many stories in books that I don't even know about, that thought kills me on the inside. It literally creeps into my soul and makes me want to pause time. My God, if I could just pause the world for an hour... all the books I can catch up on. 

Each morning, I wake up being grateful. All the stories I read about people around the world, all the problems people face, it gets me so emotional. It makes me want to stop complaining. For a club, I was reading articles about problems around the world and I just keep stumbling on one thing after another. It's like it never stops. 

Tomorrow, I've got a thousand things on hold. I'm so stressed but blessed to have this kind of stress in my life. Sure, I'm screwed if I don't get everything done... but where's the challenge if it's all smooth sailing. 

It's been a while since I've written something on here, but I haven't got much to say really... just an observer these days, watching what life has to throw at everyone else including me. Sometimes you get more lessons out of silence. Sometimes saying something leaves more scars than it should. 

To all those who aren't sure what to say; always speak your mind. Tell the people you know what's on your mind, or at least, tell them the truth. If you can't do that- join me in being an observer- don't say anything.

Yours always,
Baby Yoshi Blinking