Monday, 17 June 2013

Dear Owls, 2 days to graduate.

Dear Owls,

So, I've got 2 days to graduate and and my birthday plans are all going haywire. I have no idea what I'm going to do, but i guess this is the exact definition of winging it. Right now, I'm at a mall watching Waz grudge on mother for bringing him here. It's funny watching your family members turn on each other; well i feel so.

If i have to mention, i'm the one on the left.

Now, back to another issue, job hunting hasn't been so bad. Next month, i start a membership in The Old Library, down in Mall Of The Emirates; gorgeous place with an awesome membership for 250/- a full year. I totally recommend it for any bookworms out there. All credit goes to Dumbo, my Dells, for telling me all about it and got me to fall in love with it in the first place!
Also, hopefully if i get the chance, i'l to go to laser tag with Waz. He's been obsessed with the idea of shooting people all month and this summer, i shall help him with it; definitely going to post a photo about laser tag once we get there.

Summer Plans:

  • Books.
Want a good laugh? I also plan on reading 30 books, this includes my other plans of working with daddy dearest a long 8 hour shift; not to mention, oh but i will, my plans with Waz and Kiwi. Gosh, i don't even know how this is going to stitch itself together but i hope it does. Some people might think summer is just a resting time and piling a bunch of things to do is just stupid, but it's not. Everything i wanted to do this whole year, i can have time for again; eliminating all possible distractions. So now that we're on the same page, if you have any intriguing books you think i might fancy, comment below or send me a message on, tumblr, twitter... wow.

  • Movies
Now, i think we all know this will come naturally, but i do have a target to set on movies. I'd like to, and hopefully will try to, watch 100 movies, and... listen to this. I'm going to write a review on each one, doubtful, but i'll try my best. I'll link my blogs for my book and movie reviews to this blog. Hope this all goes well!

  • Places
Since i'm not traveling, this will probably be the hardest target of all. I, with God's help, will have to visit 10 new places; this includes malls, parks, amusement parks, zoos etc...

Really, this should be fun.
 Oh and for the record, yesterday i tried on around 14 dresses. If i went on, i would've made a sequel to "27 dresses" except that was a romantic comedy and mine would be a horror genre directed by the director of Chucky. (dead serious. no pun intended.)

Wish me luck.

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