Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Dear Owls, just keep swimming.

Dear Owls, 

When i first started this blog, i wanted to let it encourage me to do new things. I wanted it to make me feel like i'm a part of something bigger. In fact, it hasn't changed me at all. I feel just as defeated as i did yesterday or the day before. I know, if i get the chance, i can do something much greater than i, and others, allow me to do.

It doesn't make any sense how everybody is OKAY with the idea that they cannot make a difference. If you've got no restrictions, then do something! If you feel like you're nothing and you're reading this blog, i want you to know that, if you put your mind to it, nothing is impossible. 
I wanted, through this blog, to prove that to you. I'm currently unsuccessful, i've gotten at no progress from when i was looking for a job, or since i wanted to have an astral projection (flight in dream)
I thought those things would happen, but they didn't; not yet at least. 

When i started this blog, i made a promise to myself to never give up to "just keep swimming"
That's what i'm going to do. 
I hope it works. 
*sigh* i really hope it works. 

Yours truly with no idea what to do, 

Ps: Today was my last IGCSE and i'm glad, i was getting sick of them!

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