Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Dear Owls, no cheese.

Dear Owls,

Apart from life, I'm fine. Honest. 
Right now, I'm about to battle a whole lot of dreaming. My head aches for sleep and i shall supply it with the fasted doze i have ever laid eyes on, or not on?

Those who do not sleep, eat. 
For today, i am free; for a limited time though. My next IGCSE exam is on 5th of June and i am anything but excited for that hell hole. Chloe and i, we're planning on going out this Thursday, let's hope all odds are on our side. And my father's.
Yes. He's that kind of parent, but i don't mind it; so you shouldn't either.

Now, would someone please explain to me the difference between 'Yes ma'am, i'd like 3 pizzas and a salad, cheese on the garlic.' and 'No, no cheese on the garlic.' 

Living in Dubai, that's our biggest issue. We haven't got anything else to entertain us with, therefor we complain until we've got too much in our mouths to speak. But oh wait, then we start moving our hands vigorously, with chunks of food being spat all over the place. 
A bunch of pigs we are. Yes, indeed.

Take care Owl, i haven't got much planned ahead, but i will keep you updated. Oh and... i still want that pie from Gloria Jeans. I wasn't joking. I need pie because for reasons. 

Yours with a throbbing head, 

Could it be any more random?

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