Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Dear Owls, someday.

Dear Owls, 

One day i'll be big, i'll be famous for all the right reasons. I'll travel the world and i'll have a gorgeous car- Porsche Cayenne of course- and i'll start a huge (and i mean Monster Inc. huge) company, that'll aim on the satisfaction of humans and not their leaders. One day, i'll become the face of people who were too neglected to have one. I'll make sure that everybody on this planet (the galaxy comes later) has a chance to shine; not TV shine, opportunity shine. 
Someday, one day, a day, the day i do this, you'll know. You'll know because you're the first one i'll run to. But, for now, i'm stuck here in this room where i sleep in, only to wake to the sound of my capture once more. 

After completing my IGCSEs, i realized i still have 2 more left to fret about. Which i shall fret about because i'm such a worry wort like that. 
Half the year is over and i'm still struggling between the differences between emails and texts. I do not understand when to use either, i'm socially awkward anyway. No one cares if i were to use any. 

Job hunt?
I'm still hunting, and i'm no road runner. Every time i feel i have a marble's chance of getting a job, i get declined the minute they see my age. 
Not. Fair. 
No offence intended, but i'm pretty sure i could do a better job at getting the job done if i were a few years younger. I'm not saying i want to manage a whole department, i just want the experience of a job. Ah, but no such luck. 
Not giving up though. If there's one thing this blog is giving  me, it's the perseverance of staying loyal to myself. 

Not quitting, not backing down. 

I actually watched a movie called "won't back down" the other day, it's a breathtaking movie, one like every other about schools that don't give the students the upper hand in school teaching and luxuries. The story line went smoothly, i especially loved the choice of actors and actresses; watch it and thank me, if anyone is actually reading my random thoughts of insanity. 

Well, before boredom strikes, i must continue to remind myself that one day, i'll get the satisfaction of having a longer CV; someday. 

Yours with a study frenzy, 
who else?

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