Friday, 24 May 2013

Dear Owls, wake me up!

Dear Owls, 

After an awesome day with Chloe yesterday at Mirdif City Center, i was swamped. The first and only thing i came back home to do was SLEEP. After calling Chloe, i later found out that she had spent her evening the same way. Unlike her, i woke up rather early to the downloading of many many games. (and more to come if God gave me the energy and time)

After all that sleep, i came across an old obsession of mine and which will in a few minutes clarify to remain an obsession. 

Many obsessions ago, i fell in love with the concept of Lucid dreaming and began to slowly enter into that state. But, later i found out, i only enter that state of dreaming when i really need to.
By that i mean, if i were transported to a magical kingdom (i'm weird like that) and i could fly, having all my wishes come true, i would be fine and continue the dream as was meant to be. 
However, if that dream would have gone completely bogus and i turn senile, then i take control of a small part of the dream and turn things around. (eg: give myself an army, or a Hulk) Or simply wake myself up. 
Either way, i snap back to the fact that it is a dream.

This all sounds cool in theory, but when i look back, i want to know how all these dreams end. (really)

At this very moment, i would like to have a proper lucid dream at any point of time in my dream. I want to fly without having a ninja turtle coming to kick my ass. So, i have been reading a couple things and watching a few videos, and i am attempting a out of body experience today. 

While some people believe this to also be lucid dreaming, it is not. An out of body experience is not in the absolute manner a "dream". Rather an entering of one, or so i understood. 
There is a possible chance i enter a sleep paralysis and be stuck in a dreaming state; which i don't mind. I know this all sounds odd, but it's scientifically true. All of it. Except for the ninja turtle part, that's just rubbish.

So, here's the real question. 
Can i challenge my brain emotionally to this? There is a good chance if this works, like really works (which is 1% as this is my first try) will i be okay with the mental shock i'll have from the sleep paralysis? 

Eh, i'm all for the mental challenges, as long as there's no movement or physical action needed. 
*laziness award goes to me*

Well Owl, wish me luck on either an adventurous night, or just a restful boring sleep. 
I'm looking forward to either. 

Ps: If you are actually getting these letters on time, wake me up at 9 am tomorrow. I don't want to be late. (for nothing)

Yours with open eyes,

I love you Chloe,
Dawashtini later darling!

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