Thursday, 13 June 2013

Dear Owls, Finally.

Dear Owls, 

After a whole summer of looking for a job, i finally found one. It's an awesome place where i had to take care of kids with a great pay. 
Of course, i couldn't get it because of people disapproving of the idea. I was very disappointed for a good 3 days, but that's not the point. The point is that i got a job and technically, they accepted me. I did fight for it, i was patient and i finally got it. It couldn't be better if i framed it in a picture. 

I'm not upset i didn't get it anymore, i've moved on from the idea. I have a friend that needs it more than i do anyway, and the point was never for the money. The point was always to prove a point. After 16 CVs sent, 24 emails (in the counting), 1 job interview (that failed) and 2 offers at volunteer places, i got a job that pays you to take care of kids!

My point is, never give up. Fight for what you want. Now, i bet you're wondering, "if the job is so great, why don't you just take it?" 
Well, i can't take it because it will upset my parents (especially my father) very much. He has his reasons and up until yesterday, i did not agree with him.
It's fine though, this isn't a Disney sitcom, this was me looking for a job everyone said i couldn't have and BOOM. 
Now, this job moves on to someone that needs it more than i do, and that feels good. Everybody wins. 

"So what are you doing this summer then?" 
Glad you asked, i'm not wasting it. I'm going to work with my father in his office. I know it sounds boring but i'm hoping it would give me some time to bond with him.
Lets see how all this is going to turn out... 

Yours always, 

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