Monday, 29 July 2013

Dear Owls, Silicone Baby?

Dear Owls, 

As soon as i came across this on YouTube, i had to share it with you; Silicone Baby. 
Apparently, after further research of the topic, many people have these babies and treat them like one of their own. I'm talking about feeding them milk, powdering their bum and changing them in the mall!
At first, the idea of having a silicone baby that never moved, never aged, and did not even cry yet women treat them with such care frightened me. It is so creepy to watch some of these women talk to their baby and play with them as if they were alive and breathing. Yet, the concept settled in my brain after a few more YouTube videos. I saw how much these women cared for these things and i will come to see it as a hobby or chance to be a mother (because they cannot)
If however the idea of having a silicone baby was out of pure preference, rather than having a real one, then i am confused. The care these women are giving to these babies is so profound, that it is startling to think they would dislike having a real baby. 
Whatever the matter, it's nice to come across a new hobby, this is the first time i have seen someone older than 8 years old playing with these babies with such care. 

If you're wondering about the cost of having one of these babies (without the other products; nappies, powder, bottle, clothes, oils, creams etc...) it would be:
Solid silicon (100% silicon- very realistic) $2,000-$5,000
But this differs from each maker, place, baby, and the number of people bidding on that baby.

Anyway owls, i'll keep you updated on any other awesome things that i stumble across. 
Yours with baby thoughts, 

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