Thursday, 27 June 2013

Dear Owl, Im at work.

Dear Owls, 

So i'm at the office with dad and i have my ow cubicle! Sounds cool? Good. That's as cool as it gets. I've literally got nothing to do and i'm bored as ever, but i'm catching up on my reading, so that's a good thing! So, 100 movies and 10 books. 
We thought you were reading 30 books (whoever 'we' is) 
But no, sadly i've come to a conclusion that being lazy is way better than being stressed. 10 books is great too. It gives me enough time to deal with everything else. Like what? Oh you know... 
Teenage problems. 

I must go to laser tag soon, what else can i do in Dubai? Hmm... maybe i'll take Waz to a movie, or Magic Planet. Thing is, we always end up fighting. Guess i'll just stick to playing Call Of Duty with him, it's Black Ops 2, if anyway cares.
It's really funny how this summer is even more boring than i thought it would be; i wouldn't go back to school though. Gosh, hell just follows you around everywhere doesn't it?
Well, let's see how all this turns out then, shall we?

Yours with a boredom strike,

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