Monday, 27 May 2013

Dear Owls, hire me.

Dear Owls, 

Days in dreamland haven't been going as well as i dreamed (no pun intended)
For the last couple days, i've been desperately trying to get my first "OBE" or out of body experience. To my luck, i have got nothing but nightmares and lost hope that i will never achieve it

Right now, I'm at my mother's university writing a blog while she get's her work done. I'm still trying to get a summer job and i continue to believe that if i just give it another push, another try, another... CV? 
You see, it is because i am too awesome, they are too afraid to hire me. Also, the fact that i am only 16 and labour laws in Dubai do not allow it, may affect their approach to my CV. I do not understand how all 50 something states in the US and every corner store in the UK allow it, but Dubai does not; something special huh?

The thing about timing, is that it's always accurate and on time. When you think that what you've got is going to be there forever, you realize that timing is going to come over and crash your party faster than you could say... 
What pisses me off most about it, is that it's never going to be on your side, never. I wish i could live to see the day i am on the same side, working together with timing. Nobody has time to do anything, yet everybody has the correct time. 

"Oh yes Pete boy, it's 5am, time to go to the factory and earn some money for the wife and kids. Don't want to be late now,"

"But i've got things to do and people to see." 

"People? Pete, the only people you're going to be seeing are sweaty factory workers bleeding their veins for their family. They want money and they use their time effectively for it."

"Effectively?" Pete did not like what he heard. "How is wasting your time on coal and wood, let alone the rude people, effective?"

"Boy, you chose this path for yourself. The time given to you was for the factory, not you."

"When did i choose this?" 

"The day you stopped looking at your watch and at your family. Now head along."

So how much time do i really have, Owl? 

I have so many things i want to do, but not enough time to do it. Or do i have too much time, i'm not prioritising? I cannot comprehend watches any more. They do not make sense.

Nothing makes sense. 
Ugh, i'm hungry. 

Yours with a sweet tooth, 

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