Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Dear Owls, wish me luck!

Dear Owls,

It's when life doesn't lay out a stop sign, you start to wonder if you've come across things you should have waited on; or for, depending on what that thing is. I delved into my bag the other day and found an old ticket to Life as we know it and smiled. I still remember going to that movie with my mother. I remember loving the fact that she was taking me with her, as i was still young. I remember smelling the buttery popcorn as it fell into a cup and was handed to us.

I'm glad i still remember. 

What i don't recall is how fast the time past since that memory. Since that time, Waz is in the 4th grade and Kiwi is born. Since that time, i did more IGCSE's than i can believe and i am about to graduate pretty soon. How mind blowing is that?

Going to keep it short today. Mind blown. Tough day, Waiting for many things, hope it all works out well. 

Ps: Next time you think of me, wish me luck, job hunting is worse than i thought it would be. 

Yours with a disappointed face, 

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