Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Dear Owls, wish me luck!

Dear Owls,

It's when life doesn't lay out a stop sign, you start to wonder if you've come across things you should have waited on; or for, depending on what that thing is. I delved into my bag the other day and found an old ticket to Life as we know it and smiled. I still remember going to that movie with my mother. I remember loving the fact that she was taking me with her, as i was still young. I remember smelling the buttery popcorn as it fell into a cup and was handed to us.

I'm glad i still remember. 

What i don't recall is how fast the time past since that memory. Since that time, Waz is in the 4th grade and Kiwi is born. Since that time, i did more IGCSE's than i can believe and i am about to graduate pretty soon. How mind blowing is that?

Going to keep it short today. Mind blown. Tough day, Waiting for many things, hope it all works out well. 

Ps: Next time you think of me, wish me luck, job hunting is worse than i thought it would be. 

Yours with a disappointed face, 

Monday, 27 May 2013

Dear Owls, hire me.

Dear Owls, 

Days in dreamland haven't been going as well as i dreamed (no pun intended)
For the last couple days, i've been desperately trying to get my first "OBE" or out of body experience. To my luck, i have got nothing but nightmares and lost hope that i will never achieve it

Right now, I'm at my mother's university writing a blog while she get's her work done. I'm still trying to get a summer job and i continue to believe that if i just give it another push, another try, another... CV? 
You see, it is because i am too awesome, they are too afraid to hire me. Also, the fact that i am only 16 and labour laws in Dubai do not allow it, may affect their approach to my CV. I do not understand how all 50 something states in the US and every corner store in the UK allow it, but Dubai does not; something special huh?

The thing about timing, is that it's always accurate and on time. When you think that what you've got is going to be there forever, you realize that timing is going to come over and crash your party faster than you could say... 
What pisses me off most about it, is that it's never going to be on your side, never. I wish i could live to see the day i am on the same side, working together with timing. Nobody has time to do anything, yet everybody has the correct time. 

"Oh yes Pete boy, it's 5am, time to go to the factory and earn some money for the wife and kids. Don't want to be late now,"

"But i've got things to do and people to see." 

"People? Pete, the only people you're going to be seeing are sweaty factory workers bleeding their veins for their family. They want money and they use their time effectively for it."

"Effectively?" Pete did not like what he heard. "How is wasting your time on coal and wood, let alone the rude people, effective?"

"Boy, you chose this path for yourself. The time given to you was for the factory, not you."

"When did i choose this?" 

"The day you stopped looking at your watch and at your family. Now head along."

So how much time do i really have, Owl? 

I have so many things i want to do, but not enough time to do it. Or do i have too much time, i'm not prioritising? I cannot comprehend watches any more. They do not make sense.

Nothing makes sense. 
Ugh, i'm hungry. 

Yours with a sweet tooth, 

Friday, 24 May 2013

Dear Owls, wake me up!

Dear Owls, 

After an awesome day with Chloe yesterday at Mirdif City Center, i was swamped. The first and only thing i came back home to do was SLEEP. After calling Chloe, i later found out that she had spent her evening the same way. Unlike her, i woke up rather early to the downloading of many many games. (and more to come if God gave me the energy and time)

After all that sleep, i came across an old obsession of mine and which will in a few minutes clarify to remain an obsession. 

Many obsessions ago, i fell in love with the concept of Lucid dreaming and began to slowly enter into that state. But, later i found out, i only enter that state of dreaming when i really need to.
By that i mean, if i were transported to a magical kingdom (i'm weird like that) and i could fly, having all my wishes come true, i would be fine and continue the dream as was meant to be. 
However, if that dream would have gone completely bogus and i turn senile, then i take control of a small part of the dream and turn things around. (eg: give myself an army, or a Hulk) Or simply wake myself up. 
Either way, i snap back to the fact that it is a dream.

This all sounds cool in theory, but when i look back, i want to know how all these dreams end. (really)

At this very moment, i would like to have a proper lucid dream at any point of time in my dream. I want to fly without having a ninja turtle coming to kick my ass. So, i have been reading a couple things and watching a few videos, and i am attempting a out of body experience today. 

While some people believe this to also be lucid dreaming, it is not. An out of body experience is not in the absolute manner a "dream". Rather an entering of one, or so i understood. 
There is a possible chance i enter a sleep paralysis and be stuck in a dreaming state; which i don't mind. I know this all sounds odd, but it's scientifically true. All of it. Except for the ninja turtle part, that's just rubbish.

So, here's the real question. 
Can i challenge my brain emotionally to this? There is a good chance if this works, like really works (which is 1% as this is my first try) will i be okay with the mental shock i'll have from the sleep paralysis? 

Eh, i'm all for the mental challenges, as long as there's no movement or physical action needed. 
*laziness award goes to me*

Well Owl, wish me luck on either an adventurous night, or just a restful boring sleep. 
I'm looking forward to either. 

Ps: If you are actually getting these letters on time, wake me up at 9 am tomorrow. I don't want to be late. (for nothing)

Yours with open eyes,

I love you Chloe,
Dawashtini later darling!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Dear Owls, no cheese.

Dear Owls,

Apart from life, I'm fine. Honest. 
Right now, I'm about to battle a whole lot of dreaming. My head aches for sleep and i shall supply it with the fasted doze i have ever laid eyes on, or not on?

Those who do not sleep, eat. 
For today, i am free; for a limited time though. My next IGCSE exam is on 5th of June and i am anything but excited for that hell hole. Chloe and i, we're planning on going out this Thursday, let's hope all odds are on our side. And my father's.
Yes. He's that kind of parent, but i don't mind it; so you shouldn't either.

Now, would someone please explain to me the difference between 'Yes ma'am, i'd like 3 pizzas and a salad, cheese on the garlic.' and 'No, no cheese on the garlic.' 

Living in Dubai, that's our biggest issue. We haven't got anything else to entertain us with, therefor we complain until we've got too much in our mouths to speak. But oh wait, then we start moving our hands vigorously, with chunks of food being spat all over the place. 
A bunch of pigs we are. Yes, indeed.

Take care Owl, i haven't got much planned ahead, but i will keep you updated. Oh and... i still want that pie from Gloria Jeans. I wasn't joking. I need pie because for reasons. 

Yours with a throbbing head, 

Could it be any more random?

Monday, 20 May 2013

Dear Owls, I'm failing.

Dear Owls,

I'm up to here with the things I have to do. It's like the world has decided that I should not be able to live. (deep, I know.)

I pity myself not being able to express emotions like, "Hey there stranger, you're nice, want to be friends?."

Study petty things I will not look at when I'm older, look for a summer job I obviously will not get and Skype with the world's most amazing people and try to keep up (don't forget I need to remember to breathe. Oops) 

And now I'm doing nothing. 

Keeping aside my list of uncanny things, I'm totally fine. Just waiting for my IGCSE exams to finish, also, I desperately need a pie. We've got Gloria Jeans right next to us and I have no idea why i'm not there yet.
So, if you haven't taken a wild guess, i'm a student. This is my first serious blog and I have no idea where this is about to head off to.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, I appreciate your intense concentration in, what i thoroughly feel was, a waste of energy.  
Proceed at own risk.

Baby Yoshi Blinking