Monday, 29 July 2013

Dear Owls, Silicone Baby?

Dear Owls, 

As soon as i came across this on YouTube, i had to share it with you; Silicone Baby. 
Apparently, after further research of the topic, many people have these babies and treat them like one of their own. I'm talking about feeding them milk, powdering their bum and changing them in the mall!
At first, the idea of having a silicone baby that never moved, never aged, and did not even cry yet women treat them with such care frightened me. It is so creepy to watch some of these women talk to their baby and play with them as if they were alive and breathing. Yet, the concept settled in my brain after a few more YouTube videos. I saw how much these women cared for these things and i will come to see it as a hobby or chance to be a mother (because they cannot)
If however the idea of having a silicone baby was out of pure preference, rather than having a real one, then i am confused. The care these women are giving to these babies is so profound, that it is startling to think they would dislike having a real baby. 
Whatever the matter, it's nice to come across a new hobby, this is the first time i have seen someone older than 8 years old playing with these babies with such care. 

If you're wondering about the cost of having one of these babies (without the other products; nappies, powder, bottle, clothes, oils, creams etc...) it would be:
Solid silicon (100% silicon- very realistic) $2,000-$5,000
But this differs from each maker, place, baby, and the number of people bidding on that baby.

Anyway owls, i'll keep you updated on any other awesome things that i stumble across. 
Yours with baby thoughts, 

Friday, 19 July 2013

Dear Owls, i'm scared.

Dear Owls, 

The one thing i've been trying to keep my mind off this summer has finally come back to haunt me. 
IGCSE results. 
I'm just traumatized that i won't get what i was hoping for and fail everyone, including myself. Keeping in mind that everyone and every class who took the IG exams before us felt it was so easy, this keeps me at unease (more than i was) 
When you're down to your last breath, how do you gasp for more air? Honestly, when i think about it, i've got the easy road. Reading an article about children who cry to go to school as they're being penalized by their principle; apparently they can't pay the tuition and thus, can't attend their school with only a week to their junior graduation. It just brought tears to my eyes, those children and their situation. 

I'm just scared. 

I'm aware that i'm not the only one. Many IGCSE students are probably pressured and anxious. 
Good luck everyone, 
You're not alone.   

Friday, 12 July 2013

Dear Owl, clean up.

Dear Owl,

Listening to OneRepublic's new album, check it the hell out, it's by far the best album on earth. 

So summer's been pretty boring. I haven't been doing much... i'm pretty bummed because i wanted to travel and the parents won't allow it. God help me. 
The other day i went to IKEA and there's a certain type of format one should maintain at that place. (that place is my utopia so please have respect for everything i say afterwards) 
The format is as follows: 
  1. You grab a trolley, even if you're not planning to buy anything, because let's face it, you will end up buying something. 
  2. Make sure you enter every aisle and fantasize about the bedroom you could have. One you're done with bedrooms, you continue the fantasy with other rooms; kitchen, living room etc... 
  3. You must sleep on at least 3 beds. Opportunity crises if you don't. 
  4. Open all the cupboards. IKEA staff put very creative things in there. Well... mostly books and pillows, but curiosity kills so..?
  5. Kid's section. Must i explain myself?
  6. Go to the timers and set them all. Wait 5 minutes and watch the people around them freak!
  7. Finally, seven is heaven. Go to the IKEA restaurant and have the most tranquil dining experience. You must of course get a desert meal and this MUST be the last thing you do. Once you're done, smile and wave boys, smile and wave. 
  8. Don't forget to checkout the things you bought. You must grab any yummy snacks at the cash register. 

And that's exactly what i did the other day. 

If you've gone to IKEA before and done something different, you're wrong. Go back and repeat everything. However, if you don't live near an IKEA, i'm very very sorry. I'd suggest you go to another furniture shop and live the experience there. (you'll miss out on the food though, but it's still worth a shot)

Anyway Owl, i'll tell you more about this summer if anything comes up. For now though, that's all i got. 

With all my love, 


Monday, 1 July 2013

Dear Owls, this book!

Dear Owls, 

I've currently been handed a book on my birthday and needless to say, i've been completely hooked! I haven't put it down, it's even a hassle when i have to go to sleep but i urge myself another 5 minutes which end up keeping me till 3 or 4 am. This hook is reckless given that i have to work (for my father)the very next day at 8am! Today, for example, i woke at 9 dissolved into my bed, begging the universe another minute for rest my eyes. 
There's a metro that takes me to my dad's office, but there's a good 30 minute walk in between that distance and today i scurried from it. I begged my mother to take me with her and off we went. 
It was today that my sleep got the best of me and one of the employers caught me stealing a nap off my duty. She didn't report me or anything but we both know she was thinking it. 
I don't really like work very much. It's boring and not what i wanted in the first place. I wanted a place where i could interact with people, but lately it's just been the computer, the cubicle and moi all in one little office in the middle of Dubai. 
For all of you out there who actually give a shit about the book i'm totally in love with, it's 'The Fault in Our Stars' most of you just smiled, the others frowned thinking, not her  too. The thing is, this book got so much hype on Tumblr, i pleaded my heart i wouldn't have a liking towards it.
My theory on, 'everything that starts with a hype, end horribly wrong' is in fact false (just this time though) 
Once i'm done with the book, i'll most certainly post a review about it on:

I hope this blog helps someone out one day. It sure did help me, in more ways i thought was possible. 

Until next time, 
owl's friend.

I'm just wondering here...

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