Thursday, 21 May 2015

Dear Owls, happiness

Dear Owls,

Today in psychology, we learn about happiness. We speak about it, all knowing that we are all wounded soldiers walking on this battlefield. We become more fragile when we speak about death, divorce and depression- the three D's. I notice, some people think that happiness can be taken away from them, others believe if they have it once, they can learn to have it again. There is a silent boy in my class who doesn't speak. He listens to the answers of many and contemplates then scribbles something in his notebook. I wonder what he's thinking. I wonder if he's happy. I wonder, does he know that far from the room, there is a girl who's looking at him, anticipating a response. Every class, he speaks once. All he says is that life is hard and everybody has a different perception of misery. 
I wonder what he means. I wonder if he's happy. 

Today in psychology, the teacher told us that boredom is worse than depression. She explained to us that boredom can mentally destroy our happiness because we begin to feel that life is a routine and our life has no meaning. I wonder if I'm happy. I wonder if watching other people in my class helps me understand humanity or leaves me with more questions. There is a girl in my class that nods her head whenever someone says something like, "...but that isn't always the case." regardless of what we are speaking about. It's almost like this girl, with her hands on her bag and her eyes on the class, is waiting for someone to speak for her; and she'll applaud them with a simple nod. I watch this girl and I anticipate her nods. I wonder if she's happy. 

I watch the class and I think about the many things that we all must be going through. I wonder if this lesson will leave us with anything but doubts about happiness. I wonder if we're happy. I look over at the text projected on the board; "Your past does not define you." and I think to myself, "so why does it bring me down so much?" 
Why does everything that has happened bring me down sometimes. Why does it remind me of the times I thought I was happy; maybe I was happy? More importantly; Am I happy now? Yes. 
But nothing changed. Everything is still as jumbled up as it has been for a year now- I just woke up one day and decided I wouldn't cry about it again. 
So, I didn't. 
I am happy, but I'm also human, which entails that I won't be happy all the time. We all have those days where we think life isn't on our side. But what got me through everything is God. If He's on my side, then I genuinely don't care who else is. 
It's a strange concept, happiness. It opens up a lot of doors and I doubt a university course could find the keys to this doors. I think about the people in the class and I wonder how many of them are happy. I scribble down a number on my notebook and smile. 

I wonder, if I was right in my estimation. Then again, everybody's number changes due to their perception of happiness.
15 students in our class; how many would you say are happy? 

Figure it out,

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Poem || Papercuts

Choosing to become a writer was the stupidest thing I've ever done.
A singer can allow the world a sneak peak into their life
Without making too much of a mess.
And the sad little girl who plays the piano
Can seduce the world into her sadness
Without even telling them the reason behind
      Or why she doesn't delve for a cure.

But me?
I chose to become a writer
And when I offer the world my past
It's a party.
And there are red plastic cups everywhere
Alcohol on the floor,
I use it to purify my wounds 
From the paper cuts because
I chose to become a writer
      And paper is patently our worst enemy

Choosing to become a writer
Is like choosing to commit suicide
With childproof scissors.
And you keep trying
In front of the whole world.
But they're laughing because
Somewhere along the way, you
managed to find a way to make mockery of your tears.
You managed to show people the brighter side of
A not-so-pretty-picture
And how flabbergasted would they be
To find out they're been laughing
At puns that have memories of deaths
Stitched to their edges.
They're been drinking at a party
            That was intended for a funeral.

Choosing to become a writer
Is like telling the world your secrets,
and hoping they don't connect the dots
It's like spreading your fractured wings
And wishing for the best
It's like 3AM heartbreaks that are
encased in rhyming words
And cheesy jokes
It's like saying you've never been so happy
And writing a poem like this.
        that's another paper cut.

It's almost like you're lying to yourself.
                 But maybe you are happy.

But writing was never a choice.
Writing is a jail masked as a safe haven.
With all the loonies in the world,
selling bestselling books about
Love lives they could have had
Marriages they could have saved
           Paper cuts they could have avoided.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Dear Owls, big world.

Dear Owls, 

The world is big. The world has so many people, sometimes I lose myself wondering how we're all just hanging in space. We're all just living life, winning poker games and losing loved ones by the second. I chose those two examples because they're both by luck. We have no control over what happens next, unless you've rigged the poker game, then that's totally irrelevant to what I'm trying to explain. 

The world is big and I suck at reading maps. Why countries separated themselves and created boundaries and roads that split to cities is beyond me. I will never comprehend why humans always want to find ways to seem more lonely. We seek the differences in each other and whine about the inequality. We silently judge each other and blab about not being able to express emotions. Most of the time, I think humans just want to live a lie, they want problems. Problems somehow make meaning to our life. We want to get lost in a big world because the space means that there's still things we cannot fathom into problems.

The world is big and I find myself getting lost in it. Slowly, my thoughts hover over random days and months and years. Slowly, I find myself getting lost in the simple complications. I find myself trying to find a solution for everything. A solution for sadness, grief, loneliness, fear, denial and life even. Because for many of us, life sometimes becomes a problem. At certain points in your life, you begin to wonder if your purpose is of any use or if one day you'll amount to something. But when I ask myself if I'm worth it- what exactly do I have to compare myself to? Technically, I'm the only person in this whole world who's been through the exact same experiences and moments in my life. The story I've got written for myself cannot be shared with another soul; maybe the scenarios could clash, but there is no other person with the same past, same emotions, same thoughts. This keeps me going. I feel like maybe I am needed for the story I hold- maybe I am needed somewhere. 

The world is big, and I need to buy a GPS. 

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Again, Life.

I am the brave little boy that stands in front of his abusive mother and tells her to stop. 
I am the mother that lost her mind trying to pay the bills. 
I am the pain in her eyes. 
I am the hope in her voice. 
I am the cold winter laugh that sings Jingle Bells to those who need to hear it. 

I am Life.

I am the soldier in the war of never getting the right luck. 
I am the blood slipping down his eye, I am a tear drop on the floor. 
I am the man in the suit cheating on his wife. 
I am the doubting wife. 
I am fear that love is never true. 
I am fear in general. 

I am Life.

I am the girl in the dress that never fit her waistline right. 
I am the insecurities that tie her down to the ground. 
I am the prom queen who doesn't like the king. 
I am the pills being shoved into mouths of those who do not want me. 
I am anger at the breakfast table.
I am the loss at the end of the poker game. 
I am a gambler.

I am life. 

I am the lies you feed your brain. 
I am the loss of a best friend.
I am the cake with no candles. 
I am the birthday that passed.
I am the thieve that stole your voice.
I am the cold phone handle. 
I am the lost Skype connection.
I am your past. 
How did it get so messy?

I am Life. 

I am the wind that only brings hurricanes. 
I am the tides of liquids that only hurt your liver. 
I am the third drink at a bar. 
I am the regret the next morning. 
I am the ache at the middle of the night. 
I am the baby crying for milk. 
I am the mother too drunk to feed it. 

I am Life. 

But I am also joy. 
I am new beginnings. 
I am sappy movie trailers and long walks. 
I am stupid snorts of laughter. 
I am Brangelina's first child. 
I am the sigh before a sneeze. 
I am the laugh after a fart. 

I am Life!

I am the smiles on a first date. 
I am the prom queen in her dress. 
I am the first kiss in a Cafe. 
I am the slow dance in a wedding. 
I am the hope of winning the lottery. 
I am hope. 

I am Life! 

I am payday. 
I am the doorbell when you ordered Pizza. 
I am the fresh ironed school uniform.
I am the sun setting. 
I am the sun rising.
I am the sun. 

I am the dress that never fit. 
I am the girl that didn't care anymore. 
I am the confidence in her walk. 
I am the shimmy in her shake. 
I am the burgers hanging on her thighs. 
I am the salads on her plate. 
Let's face it, she doesn't do salads. 
And I'm the look on her face that says, 
"I'm okay with that."

I'm the happiness in a pickup line. 
I am the girl that slapped the boy for using it. 
I am the boy that used it again. 
On the same girl. 
Ada boy. 

I am the ambiance in a buffet. 
I am the comfort in a bed. 
I am the hugs between friends. 
I am the inside jokes.
I am the memories. 
The good ones. 
The ones that don't keep you up at night. 

I am the smell of fresh baked French Bread. 
I am the flame in a barbecue
I am the dog crying for his owner. 
I am the owner 5 seconds away from home. 
I am the jump in the dog's welcome. 

I am life. 
And sometimes, I'm not so bad.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Poem || History Book.

You are a history book
Your past is being studied
By people you don't like 

You are a history book 
Hitler is your villain and you 
Are a confused German

You are a history book
And your edges are worn out and
Your pages are being skimmed through 

Your pages skimmed through 
Like they don't mean anything 
But you're in pain because 

You are a history book 
And you're trying to run away from
Your past; ironically. 

You are a history book
And people are lying about you
Claiming they know your reasons

You are a history book
And your story keeps 
Repeating itself 

As if it wasn't hard enough 
To live through the past 
The first time

You are a history book
And you've forgotten where
You placed the bookmark

And now you're flipping
Through yourself wondering how
You turned into this mess

You are a history book
And nobody
Seems to be on the same page

Friday, 1 May 2015

Dear Owls, blanket.

Dear Owls, 

We only show the world the part of ourselves we want them to see. Overtime, you learn that not everything you want to say is important and slowly a classroom of students who can achieve so much, end up a stressed lawyer, an unsuccessful start-up, and a thousand lost ideas that got sent away by uninterested investors or immature minds; minds that do not understand the particulate combination of thoughts that harvest the most amazing of unfinished projects. Sometimes, we need to hide the part of ourselves that the world simply cannot understand.

We are all so afraid of being in the nude, because our colors are so different. We're all afraid of something. I know I am. But if we let this fear control our lives, then that's funnier than being naked. There are things about my life I am yet to understand. With each year, I discover something about myself I did not know. Every year, I think the year that passed was the worst/best year ever. This year, I don't really ask of anything. This year, I want to survive. This year, I want to feel like I truly grew up a little, I want to believe that I could fly if someone pushed me off the nest. I don't even feel like I have a nest. I feel like I've been jumping from too many branches for too many years. 

I need to figure out what I want in life. I know I need to do something to leave my footprint in this world. I need to know that if I died tomorrow, I would have influenced someone's life. Right now, it just feels like all I do is breathe. Even that I don't do too effectively. 

Sometimes, I feel like a bird who could fly everywhere but someone's taken my wings. There's this thing about birds though... they poop on those they don't like. 

Interesting turn of topics. Of course, poop is not the ideal focus for my blog update; not that it's not as crucially important as anything else I'm going to say. 
We tend to hide behind blankets because humans are cold, and blankets keep us from getting cold. Except, that's what they're supposed to do. We use them as shields, barriers, weapons. Our phones are our blankets. Lifting them up every time we walk into an elevator. Checking our Facebook updates a thousand times a day. Loosing my phone was the worst thing that ever happened to me, but for many reasons it was also the best. 4 months is a lot of time. 4 months of not having a phone causes many questions from people. Judging minds. Unsupportive friends. In many ways, I was cold- my blanket was taken away from me and I didn't know where to seek shelter. So I made my own shelter. I read more books, drew more flowers on my notebooks and hummed the theme song to Power Rangers over and over again. I was the always the Pink Power Ranger, if anyone was wondering. 

Our friends are our blankets, but sometimes you need to learn to get our of bed. You need to step into the real world and understand that people will move on and people will walk away when you most need them. It's not a question of if they will or won't- it's a mystery of when. 

Slowly, you learn to let go of your blanket. Lord knows sometimes I go running behind it. Sometimes I pretend like I'm so transparent but in reality, we're all battling our thoughts. We're all trying to convince ourselves that we can fight our monsters. That's something we have in common. 

I may not do much, but I know nobody should be afraid. Nobody should hide behind anything. If you're a bird, go be a bird. If you need to fly, then fly. If you're not ready yet. Then take your time. But be a bird and go poop on people.

Yours with doubts and the happiest confusion,

Baby Yoshi Blinking