Thursday, 26 February 2015

Poem || Do you still love me?

I daydream possibilities of a better life
And I see myself running after my children,
In the garden I planted with you; my husband.
And you look at me and ask,
"Do you still love me?"

It's silly of you to ask, you're my only love.
I think to myself as I call my brother;
Who I haven't contacted in weeks, busy with life
He picks up the phone and tests me mockingly
"Do you still love me?"

It's night time and our baby cries
The bills are piling by our window
Our eldest is off to college
My little girl breaks our vase, crying
"Do you still love me?"

My mother passed away last spring
You ask me to move on and get a job
I tell you I can't because I miss her
You don't care, and I plead God at night
"Do you still love me?"

Our son needs braces, our baby is growing
You suck on your thumb after a paper cut,
"Get me some damn bandages, woman."
And I hear the lady, in the soap opera on TV, ask the man
"Do you still love me?"

Our baby needs surgery and we're broke
You're smoking on the garden I planted with... you
Ashes fall on the dying grass that no longer smell fresh
And I could almost hear nature ask us
"Do you still love me?"

The baby died. All our kids are married.
You sit by the garden as I work 3 jobs.
My face isn't soft and my body's withering
We hardly speak and I wish I could muster up the courage to ask

"Do you still love me?

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