Thursday, 5 March 2015

Dear Owls, remember?

Dear Owls, 

Do you remember the last time you told someone you loved them, the last time you smiled, the last time you ran to a total stranger because they dropped something, or even the last time you lost something of you own? 
Some times, we are so caught of with the to-do lists and agendas we set for our days, so busy that we forget to take note of a stranger's smile or the time you first noticed someone you never knew was there; like a mailman that passes by each morning, or the security guard that greets you in your morning stroll to your university. So many things, unimportant yet meaningful things, tiptoe past us and we forget to give them their recognition. It's obvious that these things happen monotonously but it doesn't mean that it doesn't give your day a certain melody. What if the days you said were not so good days were because you didn't get your morning smile from the neighbor, or because the mailman skipped your house?
It's hard to know what we want in life, some people don't even know yet, so when you get these simple privileges to meet and greet new and old people, it's always good to mentally take note of them and not completely go past them with your phone calls or replying to emails. Give each moment in your life a chance, no matter how small it may seem, when you do this you're simply telling life that you don't mind it's interruptions because it's what makes your life beautiful. 
The next time you hand someone something they've dropped, let that moment sink in, smile because the 100 bucks they dropped could have been the only thing keeping them going. Then, when you're done priding yourself, remember the one thing keeping you going, if it's a person, go tell them you love them. 

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