Sunday, 22 February 2015

Dear Owls, wishful thinking.

Dear Owls, 

I bought this book on learning how to Wish, and just when you think they've made a book on everything- you realize "No wait! You're not wishing properly, here's a book to teach you!"
And you're probably thinking, "Well, idiot, if you don't think it's a proper book, why'd you buy it?"

Well, it's actually a really good book. It's short. It's right to the point. It was also on Sale, so it was also cheap! Do you smell that? It smells like my kind of book. 
So, after I started reading it, I realized that my way of wishing is wrong. Apparently, you're not suppose to say, for example: 
"I wish I was a public speaker" 
Which in my case, is my biggest wish.
You're supposed to say, "I am a public speaker" 
And therefor, you're already half way there. When you address your wish as something in the present, rather in the past, it immediately changes the way we interpret it in our minds. If you're a procrastinator, like I am, it gives you a step ahead of where you stand in what you want to do to get your dreams and wishes alive. When you tell yourself you already are or have what you're wishing for, you become mentally responsible to reach your goal faster- in my opinion, that's mostly because you don't want to sound like a liar for too long.
The book also suggested that you should focus on one goal at a time, and you shouldn't tell a lot of people about your wish because it causes doubt and negativity among those who envy you or deny your potential. In my case however, my wish is a goal and I guess I'm fine with sharing it on the blog. A lot of people already know this is what I want to become anyway. Someday, it will happen. For now, I'll just build my skills as much as I possibly could. I am not liberated  to attend workshops and skill shops right now. It's annoying how I only found out about these workshops after everything that's happened. If I had only found out a couple of months ago, it would have been so easy to attend these amazing self-building programs. But it's a work at mind, and I'll go as soon as I feel the time is right. If anything, all that has happened has taught me to be patient and understanding towards life and fate. 

I'm not sure where I want to go- metaphorically speaking. I used to know exactly who I was, but now I'm starting to think maybe a friend of mine was right. I was rather unoriginal with my thoughts. I am/was so easily influenced by everything. If I was watching a certain series, I would gradually begin to think very seriously about what I was watching and apply it with everything that was happening in my life. And now, nothing applies to my life and so I guess that's why it snapped me out of this ongoing illusion that everything portrayed to me should be taken in mind. Recently, I've been a critical thinker, reevaluating everything I see and hear and actually understand how I feel about it; without asking anyone's opinion. I think my friend would be proud of where I am now- mentally. However, I've been rather confused and upset most of the time, even when I try to be positive. 
But I'm still trying.
I am a happy person with a successful life.

Yours always, 

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