Monday, 9 March 2015

Dear Owls, oh.

Dear Owls, 

You know when you try to make a difference in your life and everything seems to be going amazingly well for like... 2 seconds? Or when you convince yourself that now everything is going to be okay because nothing can bring you down if you set your mind to that belief? 
It just sucks to have to continuously build yourself up after someone slams your right back to where you started from. All I seem to be doing lately is secretly and publicly complain about how life isn't going as planned or how everything seems to haunt me in sudden memories at the least expected times. Yet, although I complain this much, when I get the question, "Are you happy?" I swallow everything I said and nod. I refuse to be categorized as unhappy again. It's been three months since everything came tumbling down and for the past three months, all I've tried to do is move on and get over the negativity- but it seems to follow me like a shadow I can't stitch onto someone else. 
So, what does someone do when the worst is tipping the scale and the best seems to be no where in sight? I once said that problems and bumps in the road make life interesting and that humans would get bored without them, but I think I may have outdone it this time. 
Oh what an interesting life I've bought myself this year. Oh how I would kill for a little boredom.

Yours always, 

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