Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Poem || Heartbeat

There are three reasons why people jog:
1. They wish to lose weight
2. They wish to have alone time 
3. They need to feel their heart again

For the longest time, I've focused on number one. I never even cared about the other two reasons, 
One day, I realized I needed a new hiding place.
Far away from the drama that everyone seems to have, and 
Far away from everything I can't run away from
So, I pretend. 
I'm on the treadmill and 
I close my eyes. 
I imagine my problems chasing after me. 
But I don't run away from them because, I'm not that fast
So I learn to run with them 
And befriend my problems like they were my 
Cup of coffee
Did I mention I hate coffee these days? 
But that's beside the point. 

Ask me what happens when you run with your problems?
You start to run faster because
You can now look past your past 
Like what happened doesn't matter and what will be is far more important
Like a pair of wings you never knew 
You could grow 

And so, I run so fast
I'm talking ultrasonic speed that I went back in time 
And I saw myself running 
Again and again and 

Then I stopped to catch my breath, and I feel it. 
Pounding like marching bands in London Square 
Announcing the Queen's arrival
I feel it. 
Singing like girls in the orphanage that never got a home 
Tap dancing in Hollywood's best theater
Screaming like women in labor 
Howling like the babies coming out of them
Gambling like poker on 
When you know you're dead broke 
But you still try and Oh 
I feel it.
Louder than Big Ben, Taller than Burj Khalifah 
Faster than Ultrasonic speed 
And I went back in time to feel it
Again and again and 

An organ that lost its donor so many times
Due to heartbreaks and mishaps
Fights and complications 
People telling it where it can and cannot bleed
Where it can and cannot be 
What it can and cannot see 
I feel it.
Pounding in my chest, as if to say,
Your coffee is getting cold.

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