Sunday, 27 July 2014

Dear Owls, University, Shopping and whatnot.

Dear Owls, 

Today was good. I quit my job for good and told my boss I couldn't stay because I had to give in some exams for University; which isn't all that much a lie because I do have to give in my TOEFL exam, right? She was actually very sorrowful that I was leaving and even tried to convince me to study while customers weren't around. But, enough was enough. Although I loved the gesture, I knew it wasn't always going to be this nice with her. She will eventually get mad at me for not being able to sell something and it'll get to me like it did before. If not that then the fact that I'm not being able to do anything in summer will bug me. Now I can start reading and heading to the gym when I get some alone time in the morning, I'm sure no one will miss me too much. The only thing that might be holding me back is my extreme uncontrolled absurd ridiculous and impossible need to procrastinate and postpone. I have severe laziness issues and I think the only way I'll ever live a healthy and stable teenage or adult life is if I get over myself. 

Today was also good because I tied some lose ends with my best friend. It was nice catching up, even though it was just for today. It felt good. I also met up with a friend of mine while shopping! She's doing Journalism, which is extremely, if not exactly, close to my major (Media Advertisement). Going out shopping helped me get some fresh air from all the negative energy I surrounded myself with over the past week. I'm just glad things can go back to functioning again; not like they used to, but at least everything isn't on pause. I would post images of the items I bought today- but I'm really not here to start a fashion blog. I bought another pair of sunglasses (because I'm obsessed and proud) to wear during my time in University. I'd like to state that I will actually need those glasses because I'll have to do a fair amount of walking to get to my Uni. 
No, I'm not justifying why I bought two sunglasses because I feel guilty. A girl can buy as many sunglasses as she wants and not need to feel guilty about anything. Why would I even feel guilty? 
Maybe I'm a little guilty. But, it's not my fault! They were calling out to me, whispering words like "buy me, you legend", "You'd look so sexy in us". 
And true to their promise, I did look hella sexy. So maybe I'm a tad bit guilty, but trust me, I would have bought the glasses either way. I think I'm going to wear lenses to university so I can pull off my sunglasses. I was going to start wearing lenses in the second year, but I think I'll just start after or before the first month; depending on how much I'll procrastinate the matter. 

Next up on my list is my TV table. Thank God, I got a plasma TV in my room. Although saying goodbye to my vintage baby Television was serious stepping stone, I had to get on with life. Now that I have a different TV, I thought getting a new TV table wouldn't be too bad. I'll probably get the one with the most drawers so maybe, just maybe, I could manage enough space for my *gasp* magazines! A whole drawer just for them... I doubt they'll all fit though.
Well, for now, I'm just glad I managed to finish organizing my cupboard (closet) and clothes. I separated all my old clothes from my new, and made space for my shoes too. God knows how much I've been hoarding things I don't need. Now, if I can find a way to organize my books, that would actually be amazing. Gosh, so much to do. I'm so glad I quit. I can, at least, get everything done before I have to deal with university shopping again. 

Just as random advice on a random topic; family. I don't know what to talk about more. The fact that sometimes family can be seriously bi-polar? Or the fact that they can easily piss everyone off? 
I'd rather say this... although there are things you can't really say to family members, or joke with them because it crosses certain lines (that didn't really exist before- probably because we were younger), these lines don't necessarily have to be a bad thing. Make jokes, laugh, enjoy your time, but don't make everything personal or a very private joke. Family is great, but a friend of mine told me "to every yin there is a yang" and I take this advice to heart. It really does make sense. Basically- family is great, they really are, but that doesn't mean every thing we say or do is going to be considered "okay" just because they're family. 
"Everyone has their limits"

Anyway Owls, 
It's getting late and tomorrow is my last day working, wouldn't wanna be late for that. 
With the best of luck a teenage girl can send, 

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