Sunday, 27 July 2014

Dear Owls, at work.

Dear owls,
I find myself wondering what on earth I did to deserve the life I'm living. I mean this is the "good" questioning way and not the bad. I find myself wondering, why me? Why aren't I someone's house maid? Why aren't I someone's slave? Why was I born with the simple fortune of living under my own roof and eating food that my parents were fortunate enough to buy? I could have easily been born from a different family, or even a different household in the same family I'm in now. I could have easily been a poor indian boy in the country, or a brave Japanese girl that survived the Hiroshima attack. I could have been anyone.
Im sorry to bore you with my simple realisation, but it's been a hindering thought at the moment. The thought that I am very grateful to be a part of the life I was given. I let pass too many opportunities because I'm too lazy, too tired, too... too spoilt. I love my life. And I hope this doesnt come off as bragging, because we certainly don't have much to brag about. Compared to those above us, we have so little. Compared to those below us, we could be Gods for the riches we own. But honestly? We're just a normal family trying to get by. Middle class at some points, no class during others, upper class when we're lucky.
However we were always taught the following:
♡ You could be part of any class you want to be, as long as you work honestly and live effectively. Backbiting and backstabbing rarely gets you anywhere in the longterm.
♡ That no matter which class we came from, we must treat the lower class like they are one of us, and the upper class the same way. There is no need to hurt the lower class, or kiss up to the higher.
We are all equal.  Humans.
♡ That we shouldn't even refer to them as "classes". We were taught that the whole concept of seperating people on basis of their respective life fortunes was ludicrous. That everyone will undergo a different class at different times in their life. Classes change, but personalities stay.
Now that I got that off my chest, it brings me back to the same question I was asking my fellow owls and blog listeners; why me? It's actually pretty simple. Since classes change, situations change too. While it's good I'm asking why me, I shouldn't waste my whole time pondering. Because if I keep questioning my god blessed fortune, it might pass me by without me even noticing. By tomorrow we could have everything taken away. We could go from being The Blessed Family, to being nothing but a family. But those thoughts don't scare me, they thrill me. I love knowing that nothing stays, I love knowing that shit could go down because it keeps me on my toes and keeps me humble.
Its important to stay humble in this world. Not everyone is as blessed with things as you are, and that could change at and given second. While your luck is on your side now- or, for use of a better word, not your luck rather, your opportunities are on your side now, they could travel from you to another person who could do so much more with it than you can. Like a hive of bees that never stay in one place, opportunity passes and buzzes until it leaves with the person that did the best they can do with me. That doesn't mean you have to wait for the swarm of bees to come your way. It, as we all know, isn't that hard to anger and trigger a swarm of bees to come in your direction. All you have to do, is fight for it. Anger them enough to make them want to come to you.
Here's a picture of what I've had to look at at work for this whole month. Say adios amigos, today is my last day! Ill miss waking up early, not staying up late to watch awesome movies, not being able to sing during my morning times. Ill really miss these days... *sarcasm*
Im kidding honestly, working was great. It had it's fair share of perks, and I am grateful for getting what I've been dying to get for my entire childhood and teenagehood.
Until next time,
So long.

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