Friday, 28 November 2014

Dear Owls, decisions.

Dear owls, 

Picture this: You could have everything you've ever wanted since you were 9 years old. You could have the happiness that you've been trying to chase after ever since you've seen it in someone else's eyes. You could have the perfect "Happy Ending", but you could only have it for a day. Would you go for it? 

I've lost a lot of people in my life. I know I'm not as old as the average Joe, but I know a few things about people. I know that sometimes, you need to listen to your heart. But what exactly does that mean? I hate when someone tells me, "No, don't listen to your brain, listen to what your heart tells you to do and trust me you won't regret your choice" 
Sure, it's a great story to tell your kids, but what exactly does it mean? Because if it means that I shouldn't base my decisions on thoughts and rather on feelings, then that's probably the worst advice I've ever heard. 

These days, I'm so afraid of laughing because it seems that every time I laugh, there's a storm behind it. I'm probably not making any sense, and I'll probably delete this post the next time I read it. Let's just say I feel like there are so many things I'm reconsidering about my life and everything around me, and most things just don't seem to add up anymore. 

To answer that question for myself... No. Happiness for one day means that there's a deadline and I never worked well with deadlines. 
If I'm going to be happy, even for a little while, I wouldn't want a storm afterwards. 

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