Saturday, 13 September 2014

Dear Owls, change.

Dear Owls, 

Writers block hits me again, and I think I'm going to cry if this happens once more. If any other writer out there wants the cure to writers block, I'm here to tell you, there isn't one. Well, there is if you involve these things that snap me right back; 

  1. Warm green tea with a candle lit room. 
  2. Quiet, quiet and absolute quiet. 
  3. Something to write about. (shocker?) 
So where am I now in life? 
Well, owls, I've started university. Contrary to what people tell you, and what people are feeling right now... it's really just so sudden. It's scary and weird, but the hardest part really is fitting in and finding friends. Once you've done that, studies aren't that tough and everyone is so easy on you; which is part of the things I don't like. 
I guess part of me just liked school. Part of me liked the format of routine and knowing what you'll be doing next. In university, it's like no one really cares what you're going to do next, especially between classes- if you're in uni, you're just there. And maybe that's why half the time I find myself doing nothing at all. 
There are assignments and projects and all things like that, but I hate that I don't find the motivation to do any of that stuff because I don't have a set time to do it. When you come back from school, you do whatever you want, then you finish your homework, then you finish your projects, then you get your stuff ready, then you pretend you're acing everything. 
In university, you just aren't expected to do anything. 

I'm starting to think maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way? I mean, maybe because you're not really obliged to do anything, you still have a choice to do those things? Hey- maybe this is a good time for me to focus on my work and on my writing and stories and whatnot. Hey maybe- just maybe- I could actually write in my blog more often! W-hey, I could work on my newsletter! 
Or. I'll do what I do best and do nothing. 
I'm kidding. Once I get everything together, I will really try to work on myself. See what I like to do best in my free time and do it. Because right now, apart from watching Friends, I've been doing absolutely zilch. 
I hope I find a cool club in the uni too. I also want to work, do something productive with my spare time, you know?

Well, until next time, 

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