Thursday, 4 January 2018

Dear Owls, counting blessings

Dear Owls, 

What a year! I wonder what happens now. At this point in my life, I've missed blogging so much. I always come back to you, this diary that keeps me sane. It is just so relaxing, talking to myself on a page that is being read by people in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, China, Russia, France, India, And even Peru these days! This is insane.

When I first started this blog, it was an innocent attempt at sharing my writings and feelings. Look how far we've come, I humbly thank each and every visitor. I've stopped writing because I didn't want to share the terrible times that were happening. But the truth is this blog wasn't made for just the happy times, I should be sharing both the good and the bad. In highschool, I would complain about grades and during summers I would complain about boredom. In university, it's only fair to tell you what I should've complained about. But, I won't. You've probably gone through it all. You've loved and you've lost; made some friends that hurt you, without knowing they'd ever do that to you. You've messed up a couple semesters and now you're trying to get your grade back. I'm human. It happens. 

I wish they gave a course on how to figure life out. It gets hard, it really does. I feel for anyone who's confused about how life plays out. I want to say, "I miss how things were" but I don't. Truthfully, things always change, life surprises you constantly and perhaps that's why everyone loses their track sometimes. 

I've learnt that sadness is inevitable. After a really tough experience years ago, I've developed an immune system towards sadness and I wanted to avoid it at all cost. I realize now, the most amazing growth comes with the pain. We don't see it until the dust has settled. My problem is that with the sadness, I lose focus. I've learnt the hard way that just because there's a storm outside you can't be productive under your roof - ah, metaphors. Who would I be without 'em?

How do you get through it all? Good friends, good food and working out. I shit you not, this is the only formula that's ever worked for me. Family is inevitable. You need to keep your family close, anyone really - your mother, sister or cousin. Heck, even someone who feels like family. If you feel alone, or the reason why you're sad is because you have nobody - join a community. Sometimes the most amazing feelings in the world come from the feeling of connection. 

Finally, work on yourself. When you're feeling down or when you're feeling happy. Level up your skills, whatever they may be. And forgive. Keep your heart light and your friendships simple. If you've made mistakes, apologize but don't lower your gaze. Never let anyone take away from the value you hold, no matter how much you think it'll fix the problem. Defeat is not courageous; honesty is. After you're done working on yourself, thank yourself. Don't be too hard on that little child inside of you that is still learning what it means to live. 

Take advantage of January. 

Yours with tea and biscuits, 


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