Friday, 3 November 2017


You tell yourself you're going to do something different. You tell yourself you're going to buy the car, or get the grade, or impress the boss, or get a haircut. Stop. Do the thing. Don't keep waiting for someone to help you. If watching a movie makes you feel good, make time for it. Procrastination does not look like progress, and if something makes you feel good then it's progress. Of course, this could be the most hippy way of looking at the world but you don't have time to sit around and feel terrible about yourself. Stop labeling things as "procrastination" or "laziness". 

Some of the greatest lessons I've learnt were through cramming for an exam. Some of the greatest people I've meat were the ones outside the class that I skipped. Life is much too short to keep crying about the same wound. Just get up and live. This isn't an invitation for sloppiness. It is quite the opposite. This isn't encouragement to fail your tests or skip your responsibilities - this is your wake-up call, begging you to realize that if you're going to screw it up, at least make it count. Get up and live! Go somewhere you've never been before, meet people you've never known existed and eat food that you usually wouldn't. And live. Living is a luxury. 

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