Thursday, 17 September 2015

Dear Owls, destruction.

Dear Owls, 

At this point in my life, I'm just so caught up with all the unfortunate people around the world. Everything that's going on, specifically in the Arab world, just brings so much pain and aching to my heart. It's gotten to such a point where I really become so down and lost in thought about it. I've been keeping in touch with all the news and updates about all the situations going on around the world.

I don't even have my social media on my notifications, but I do have these News updates so that I know exactly when something new happens and I can read the article about it. Some of the people around me have told me how this is all just negativity and that keeping it out of your mind is so much better for emotional health; but does avoiding the problem mean that there isn't a problem? Is it okay that I just sit here and listen to all this bad stuff happening to all these good people? There's nothing I can do and there's nothing I will do because wars have been going on for centuries. Ever since mankind began, war was always an issue. But acknowledging the problem, praying for these people and spreading the world is the least I can do, it's the least everyone can do.  

However, this is insanity. People being asked to leave their countries. Refugees being thrown at the borders. Many of them, most of them children! It's such a hard weight for my heart to carry and my thoughts and tears go out to the mothers of these children, the caretakers who have to watch all this happen to them while they die on the corner- their last memory of the universe, their last sight would be their children's blood spilling on the floor of those who did not have enough power to keep their floor white. And who do we blame then? Who do we curse at? Who do we aid?

And what about what happened in Makka, Saudi Arabia? No worries about the people who died being squashed by crane, but what do I say about inconsiderate people around the world who cheered for this crane, calling it "Karma for the towers on 9/11". What is wrong with the world? What is this logic that we have been using? Does nobody see how damaging labels are? Making it easier to hate people at a faster rate, simply by saying "I hate Muslims" or "I hate Americans". That's almost like saying you've met EVERY single American there is out there and you've managed to hate them all. 

All this used to be a joke before, but I'm not sure that people realize how serious this is. People are desperately fighting for the things we take for granted, for things we go through normally on a daily basis. So I ask of you this, the next time you take a warm shower, drink a sip of water, eat an apple, or even go to bed with at least a blanket... please just appreciate it. Be grateful and happy. Sleep like there's literally no tomorrow, because for some people, there sometimes isn't. 

Do this for a few days and watch your world change. The bag you thought you "really" needed becomes another thing that's just a luxury, the stain on your favorite shirt becomes a battle scar, your headache becomes a blessing of surviving a long day of hard work, your fight with your parents becomes another opportunity of bonding moments through resolving and every breath you take will feel so valuable, you almost want to bottle it up and cherish it. 

This world is becoming too drawn away from the ultimate purpose, which is not to make money but rather make meaning. Do your best today, do it for someone who's taking their last breath right now. 

I'd love to hear your comments.
Yours always, 

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