Saturday, 9 May 2015

Again, Life.

I am the brave little boy that stands in front of his abusive mother and tells her to stop. 
I am the mother that lost her mind trying to pay the bills. 
I am the pain in her eyes. 
I am the hope in her voice. 
I am the cold winter laugh that sings Jingle Bells to those who need to hear it. 

I am Life.

I am the soldier in the war of never getting the right luck. 
I am the blood slipping down his eye, I am a tear drop on the floor. 
I am the man in the suit cheating on his wife. 
I am the doubting wife. 
I am fear that love is never true. 
I am fear in general. 

I am Life.

I am the girl in the dress that never fit her waistline right. 
I am the insecurities that tie her down to the ground. 
I am the prom queen who doesn't like the king. 
I am the pills being shoved into mouths of those who do not want me. 
I am anger at the breakfast table.
I am the loss at the end of the poker game. 
I am a gambler.

I am life. 

I am the lies you feed your brain. 
I am the loss of a best friend.
I am the cake with no candles. 
I am the birthday that passed.
I am the thieve that stole your voice.
I am the cold phone handle. 
I am the lost Skype connection.
I am your past. 
How did it get so messy?

I am Life. 

I am the wind that only brings hurricanes. 
I am the tides of liquids that only hurt your liver. 
I am the third drink at a bar. 
I am the regret the next morning. 
I am the ache at the middle of the night. 
I am the baby crying for milk. 
I am the mother too drunk to feed it. 

I am Life. 

But I am also joy. 
I am new beginnings. 
I am sappy movie trailers and long walks. 
I am stupid snorts of laughter. 
I am Brangelina's first child. 
I am the sigh before a sneeze. 
I am the laugh after a fart. 

I am Life!

I am the smiles on a first date. 
I am the prom queen in her dress. 
I am the first kiss in a Cafe. 
I am the slow dance in a wedding. 
I am the hope of winning the lottery. 
I am hope. 

I am Life! 

I am payday. 
I am the doorbell when you ordered Pizza. 
I am the fresh ironed school uniform.
I am the sun setting. 
I am the sun rising.
I am the sun. 

I am the dress that never fit. 
I am the girl that didn't care anymore. 
I am the confidence in her walk. 
I am the shimmy in her shake. 
I am the burgers hanging on her thighs. 
I am the salads on her plate. 
Let's face it, she doesn't do salads. 
And I'm the look on her face that says, 
"I'm okay with that."

I'm the happiness in a pickup line. 
I am the girl that slapped the boy for using it. 
I am the boy that used it again. 
On the same girl. 
Ada boy. 

I am the ambiance in a buffet. 
I am the comfort in a bed. 
I am the hugs between friends. 
I am the inside jokes.
I am the memories. 
The good ones. 
The ones that don't keep you up at night. 

I am the smell of fresh baked French Bread. 
I am the flame in a barbecue
I am the dog crying for his owner. 
I am the owner 5 seconds away from home. 
I am the jump in the dog's welcome. 

I am life. 
And sometimes, I'm not so bad.

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