Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Same Me || Poem

I'm still the same person,
Just more afraid of screaming the truth.

I still want the same things,
Just yearning them with a stolen youth.

I still sing with the birds,
Just with a different tempo now.

I still dance with the gravity,
Ending all my solos with a bow.

What has happened to my lips?
It's like you sucked the courage through them.

What has become of my legs?
They seem to march with another bass drum.

I'm still the same me,
I tell myself over and over.

Hoping subconsciously,
My silent brain will takeover.

My nails claw at my chest,
They want something in me to yell.

Because the scent of defeat is sickening,
And the same me can't handle the smell.

I'm still the girl in the park,
The one that left you star gazed.

I'm the friend you thought you had,
The child your mom wished she had raised.

The women with a bark,
With a silence that blinds a nation.

The same me that shot you before,
I was and still am my salvation.

I bite my way down to the core,
Find freedom through good vibrations.

I always knew you never spoke kindness,
It's okay if you're stuck in translation.

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