Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Dear owls, the lack of kindness.

Dear Owls, 

My mind has blurred out a lot from this world. With each thing that I see in the real world, through real life experiences or news article/ update, it just brings to closer to the conclusion that some people just shouldn't be alive. It's a scary thought to think that someone with the same organs as you wants to do harm to others. It's also a disgusting reality. 

We learn from a young age not to trust strangers, but we disregard the fact that the people who know you best are probably the ones that end up hurting you in the end. So, what if all those people being hurt by others are actually hurt by people they knew? Regardless of who is causing terror across the world, it's still happening. People sometimes, I believe, stray from the ultimate reason they were put on this planet- funny how it has nothing to do with hurting others. 

If you don't want to believe in the afterlife, you might at least want to believe in karma. The famous old, "What goes around comes around". The perfect example to this is a yawn. If you yawn, someone else will probably yawn too. You probably yawned at this sentence because you imagined someone yawning... and so the cycle continues. (or you yawned now) 
Yawning is very much life doing bad to others. If you hit someone, someone will probably hit you back eventually in life. If you did something evil to someone, someone might actually do the same evil to you or maybe to your children in the future. 

But of course, this generation only cares about now. It is a generation of trends not footprints. They don't care if they leave a mark in the road at the end of the day, they just want to insure they've been paying attention to the next best thing. 

The world is changing. And not to the better. Regardless of what you probably see on the infamous media platforms, you need to start framing your own opinions about what's going on around the world. You can't rely on someone else to tell you what you should think. One day you might regret making the mistake of leaving your voice in the hands of those who cannot speak kindness. 

With all my best, 

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