Sunday, 23 August 2015

Dear Owls, Oceans.

Dear Owls, 

Something about the ocean feels right. Although I hate visits to the beach, I am aware, deep down, that everything in this world is somehow connected. If we are more conscious of our surroundings, we can alter anything we want. To a certain extent, I do believe that we can remember the past better than we lived in and that sometimes, we can predict the future. It is in our mental capacity to remember an unlimited number of things for an unlimited number of time if we truly push ourselves to the limit. We are also capable of recalling memories from a third person point of view, and sometimes, thinking we are somewhat disconnected to this memory- a watcher, if you may. We can jump through our thoughts in and out without leaving footprints, because no matter how many times you may lose yourself daydreaming about going to Paris, you are aware at the end of the day that you did not actually visit it; not your physical body, at least. 

I also believe that Déjà vu is a remarkable thing. I may have overthought it, but for imagination's sake, let's say we could tell the future... maybe just for a few seconds even. Wouldn't that explain why sometimes you're thinking something is going to happen and it does. Or when you're sleeping and you wake up to a scream, but then seconds later someone actually screams? There are so many things we are yet to discover about the human mind. We keep connecting it to monkeys, apes and God knows what else. In reality, humans have proven to be extraordinary in all their abilities. We change constantly. Our lives seem to have purpose and meaning. We are the only species that create, lie and destroy as per our own wishes. A lion may seem destructive, but it's only to feed or protect. Not all humans kill humans to protect, and here's me hoping none kill to eat either. 

There is so little we know, although it's funny how we never admit to it. As soon as someone knows a little more than we do, we give them a title, a pedestal. We call them doctor and hang up their degree on a wall and let them tell us how much danger we're in, how much time we've got left. And I'm not only talking about physical doctors- but all doctors. Space, earth, mental... everyone who has the privilege of earning the highest honors degree. I'm sure those who do work hard are more informed about a lot, but anyone with that much information can muster up two or three words about astronomical behaviors and other fancy words I'm not sure I want to try to say.  

At the root of it all, we still don't know how far the galaxy goes (and infinity isn't an answer), we still don't know if we're in this Universe alone, or if we're on Earth alone. Everyone has their own explanation to everything and nobody's willing to hear you out unless you're on TV. 

Something about the ocean feels right. As if to say, "Why know more about land on Mars than you do about the water on your own land, given 3/4 of it are oceans?" 
I think that tells us a lot about humans. The oceans are ourselves, our feelings and emotions. But we jump to the neighboring planet because whatever lies hidden is just too hard to understand, too deep, too unsettling and yet too familiar. 


  1. with all that is happening around the world right now, it is only when I come across art like this that my hope in humanity rekindles. knowing that this can come from the mind of a young girl, I believe the next generation holds formidable potential. I pray you find all the support you need to keep up the good work and hopefully our society would learn to look away from irrelevant reality and learn to appreciate what really matters. PS i am quite sure we are not alone on this planet not to speak of the universe.

    1. Gentle Giant,

      Thank you again for another amazing comment. You manage to leave me speechless with your generous support and words. As per hope in humanity, I wish we both gain that back soon. The problem with the world is that everybody has a problem, simply put. We have learnt to base our existence on the next big "tsunami" (pun on my article's title intended) and we happen to look past everything good; myself included most times. Your comment rekindles my hope in the kindness of people, an emotion that is very much foreign nowadays.

      Thanks again, keep your opinions coming!



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